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Information items of throttling policies

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017


For listing the types of information items on throttling policies.

Node name



Name Type Description
ThrottlingId String ID of a specified throttling policy.
ThrottlingName String Throttling policy name.
Description String Throttling policy description.
ThrottlingUnit String Throttling policy unit; values:
  • MINUTE: Minute
  • HOUR: Hour
  • DAY: Day
ApiDefault Integer Default throttling value for each API.
UserDefault Integer Default throttling value for each user.
AppDefault Integer Default throttling value for each app.
SpecialPolicies SpecialPolicy Returned information of special throttling policies, in an array consisting of SpecialPolicy.
CreatedTime String Creation time (Greenwich mean time).
ModifiedTime Modification time Last modification time (Greenwich mean time).