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Front-end information items

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2017


For listing the front-end information items.

Node name



Name Type Description
RequestProtocol String API-supported protocol type; values: HTTP and HTTPS. If multiple values are selected, they must be separated by a comma, for example, “HTTP, HTTPS”.
RequestHttpMethod String HTTP method; values: GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, HEADER, TRACE, PATCH, CONNECT, and OPTIONS.
RequestPath String API path. If the complete API address is, path corresponds to /object/add.
RequestMode String Request mode of API parameters; values: MAPPING (request parameters need mapping), PASSTHROUGH (request parameters are passthrough)
BodyFormat String Method of transmitting data to the server when a POST or PUT request is sent; values: FORM (data is transmitted as forms, which is applicable to key-value pairs) and STREAM (data is transmitted as byte streams). It take effect when RequestMode is MAPPING.
PostBodyDescription String Body description.