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Domain name information

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017


For listing the domain name information.

Node name



Name Type Description
DomainName String Domain name.
CertificateId String Unique SSL certificate ID, which is automatically generated by the system.
CertificateName String SSL certificate name.
DomainCNAMEStatus String Domain name resolution status; values:
  • RESOLVED: The domain name is resolved.
  • UNRESOLVED: The domain name is not resolved.
DomainBindingStatus String Binding status of the custom domain name; values:
  • BINDING: The domain name is normal.
  • BOUND: The domain name does not take effect.
DomainLegalStatus String Domain legal status; values:
  • NORMAL: The domain is valid.
  • ABNORMAL: The domain is invalid and the API call is unavailable. This problem must be solved as soon as possible.
DomainRemark String Remark of the domain name, such as the reason for abnormity.