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Delete an app

Last Updated: May 17, 2017


For deleting a specified app.

  • This function is intended for API callers.
  • After deletion, the app and its API authorization cannot be restored.
  • This API can call up to 50 QPS for a single user.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Operation interface, which is a required parameter; value: DeleteApp.
AppId Long Yes Unique app ID.

Return parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String ID of the current request.


Request example

  2. &AppId=20112314518278
  3. &<Public request parameters>

Response example

XML format

  1. <DeleteAppResponse>
  2. <RequestId>CEF72CEB-54B6-4AE8-B225-F876FF7BZ015</RequestId>
  3. </DeleteAppResponse>

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "RequestId":"CEF72CEB-54B6-4AE8-B225-F876FF7BZ015"
  3. }