If an Anycast elastic IP address (Anycast EIP) has an overdue payment, the Anycast EIP is not immediately suspended. We recommend that you renew your Anycast EIPs at the earliest opportunity or maintain a sufficient account balance to ensure that your service is not interrupted.

Overdue payments

If an Anycast EIP has an overdue payment, the Alibaba Cloud account to which the Anycast EIP belongs will be notified by SMS and email.

  • Within the 24 hours after the overdue payment occurs, the Anycast EIP can work as expected.
  • If the payment is not completed after 24 hours, the Anycast EIP is suspended and the bandwidth is throttled to 1 Kbit/s.
  • If the overdue payment remains unsettled seven days after the Anycast EIP is suspended, the Anycast EIP is released. You will receive SMS and email notifications one day before the system releases the Anycast EIP. After the Anycast EIP is released, relevant configurations and data are deleted and cannot be restored.


To settle overdue payments of pay-by-data-transfer instances, top up your Alibaba Cloud account balance.

  • We recommend that you top up your Alibaba Cloud account balance within the 24 hours after an overdue payment occurs.
  • If you top up your Alibaba Cloud account balance within the seven days after an overdue payment occurs, the system automatically pays for the bill. After the payment is completed, the Anycast EIP immediately provides services.