The following table describes the API operations available for use in Anycast Elastic IP Address (Anycast EIP). The endpoint of the Anycast EIP API is

API Description
UnassociateAnycastEipAddress Disassociates an Anycast EIP from a backend server.
ReleaseAnycastEipAddress Releases a specified Anycast EIP.
ModifyAnycastEipAddressSpec Modifies the maximum bandwidth of an Anycast EIP.
ModifyAnycastEipAddressAttribute Modifies the name and description of an Anycast EIP.
AssociateAnycastEipAddress Associates an Anycast EIP with a cloud resource that is deployed in a specified region.
AllocateAnycastEipAddress Creates an Anycast EIP.
DescribeAnycastEipAddress Queries information about a specified Anycast EIP.
DescribeAnycastPopLocations Queries the access points in a specified access area.
DescribeAnycastServerRegions Queries regions where you can associate Anycast EIPs with cloud resources. The regions must belong to the specified access area.
ListAnycastEipAddresses Queries the Anycast EIPs in a specified region.