The Anycast Elastic IP Address (Anycast EIP) service is easy to manage, highly secure, stable, and reliable. When you use Anycast EIPs for Internet connections, network jitter is reduced.

Easy to manage

Anycast EIPs allow Internet access, which is similar to EIPs. Therefore, after you associate an Anycast EIP with a Server Load Balancer (SLB) instance, the SLB instance can use the Anycast EIP to provide services over the Internet. No further configurations are required. This improves the efficiency of workload deployment.

High security

Anycast EIPs use cloud-native security technologies to protect your Internet-facing services from attacks. The security of the backend server is reinforced.

Stability and reliability

Each Anycast EIP supports connections from multiple PoPs. When one of the access points is down, network traffic is routed to another access point. This ensures high reliability.

Reduced network jitter

Anycast EIP allows you to connect to Alibaba Cloud through the nearest PoP. You can use the high-quality BGP bandwidth and global network provided by Alibaba Cloud to access the backend server with which the Anycast EIP is associated. This reduces network jitter in Internet connections.