AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL allows you to horizontally or vertically scale an instance based on your business requirements.


AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL supports scale-out within an instance and scale-out across instances. Scale-out within an instance allows you to add compute nodes to an existing instance. This way, fewer data volumes are migrated and scale-out is performed at a faster speed. Scale-out across instances allows you to migrate data from an existing instance to a new instance. This way, an instance can be flexibly scaled out across zones or across regions. This scale-out method requires higher costs. AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL also allows you to scale out coordinator nodes to enhance read and write capabilities in scenarios that involve high concurrency.


Scale-up or scale-down

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL allows you to scale up or scale down a single node. You can increase the disk capacity of compute nodes to meet the requirements for more disk capacity as business grows. You can also change the configurations of compute nodes such as CPUs and memory. A scale-up or scale-down does not migrate data and allows you to modify configurations within minutes, which is suitable for scenarios that involve traffic bursts. Scale-up or scale-down can work together with elastic node scheduling to help maximize the utilization of computing power resources and accelerate queries.