Table 1. Instance management
Operation Description
CreateDBInstance Creates an instance.
CreateECSDBInstance Creates an instance that is hosted on an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance.
DeleteDBInstance Deletes an instance.
DescribeDBInstanceAttribute Queries the details of an instance.
DescribeDBInstances Queries the list of instances.
DescribeRegions Queries available regions and zones.
DescribeResourceUsage Queries the disk space usage of an instance.
ModifyDBInstanceDescription Modifies the description of an instance.
ModifyDBInstanceMaintainTime Modifies the maintenance window of an instance.
RestartDBInstance Restarts an instance.
UpgradeDBInstance Changes the specifications of an instance.
UpgradeDBVersion Upgrades the minor version of an instance.
DescribeDBInstancePerformance Queries performance metrics of an instance.
Table 2. Database management
Operation Description
DeleteDatabase Deletes a database.
Table 3. Account management
Operation Description
CreateAccount Creates an account for an instance.
DescribeAccounts Queries the accounts that are used to log on to the specified database.
ModifyAccountDescription Modifies the description of an account for an instance.
ResetAccountPassword Resets the password of an account for an instance.
Table 4. Security management
Operation Description
DescribeDBInstanceIPArrayList Queries the list of IP addresses that are allowed to access an instance.
ModifySecurityIps Modifies the IP address whitelist of an instance.
Table 5. Log management
Operation Description
DescribeSQLCollectorPolicy Queries whether the SQL collection feature is enabled for an instance.
DescribeSQLLogFiles Queries the audit log files of an instance.
DescribeSQLLogRecords Queries the SQL audit logs of an instance.
ModifySQLCollectorPolicy Enables or disables the SQL collection feature for the instance.
Table 6. Network management
Operation Description
AllocateInstancePublicConnection Allocates a public endpoint to an instance.
DescribeDBInstanceNetInfo Queries the connection information of an instance.
ModifyDBInstanceNetworkType Switches the network type of an instance between VPC and the classic network.
ReleaseInstancePublicConnection Releases the public endpoint of an instance.