This topic describes the engine release notes for AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL in Serverless mode in 2022 and provides links to the relevant references.

You can update your instances to the latest minor engine version in the AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL console. For more information about how to update the minor engine version, see Update the minor engine version.

July 5, 2022 (V1.0.2.0)

Category Feature Description References
New feature Data sharing Data sharing is supported for replicated tables, random tables, and partitioned tables. Enable or disable data sharing for instances
Data type The VARCHAR and TIMESTAMP data types are supported. Serverless mode
Fixed issue The issue that 2PC transactions cannot be performed when materialized views are refreshed is fixed.
The issue that may cause destroy_dadi_fs syntax errors is fixed.
The issue that may cause bugs when tables in ANALYZE statements involve large numbers of small Object Storage Service (OSS) objects is fixed.
The issue that cross-database queries cannot be performed when the WHERE clause contains <share_name>.<schema_name>.<table_name>.<column_name> is fixed.
The issue that may cause a false positive of unsupported subtransactions after data sharing is enabled is fixed.

May 18, 2022 (V1.0.0.0)

Category Feature Description References
New feature Data sharing The data sharing feature is supported. Shared data can be accessed from other databases without the need of data export and import. It is easier and more cost-effective than data access in traditional data warehouses.
Backup and restoration The backup and restoration feature is supported to prevent data loss.

By default, backup data can be retained for seven days.

Backup and restoration (Serverless mode)
Optimized feature Laser computing engine The Laser computing engine is supported. By default, the engine is disabled. Use the Laser computing engine
Fixed issue The limit on the amount of merged data during VACUUM operations is optimized. This prevents out of memory (OOM) issues.