This topic describes a compatibility test for SQL WorkBench/J and AnalyticDB for MySQL, and provides screenshots of test results. Compatibility is tested for a variety of aspects including connectivity, database listing, and table creation.

Test environment

MySQL JDBC Driver SQL WorkBench/J
Download MySQL Connector/J 5.1.48 Platform Independent Edition. Download SQL Workbench/J.

Test scope

  • Test connectivityTest connectivity
  • List databasesList databases
  • Create a tableCreate a table
  • List all tablesList all tables
  • Query the schema of a tableQuery the schema of a table
  • Write data to a tableWrite data to a table
  • Query the data of a tableQuery the data of a table
  • Create a viewCreate a view
  • Query the structure of a viewQuery the structure of a view
  • Query a viewQuery a view