You can execute the REVOKE statement to revoke permissions from an account.

    priv_type [(column_list)]
      [, priv_type [(column_list)]] ...
    ON [object_type] priv_level
    FROM user 


  • priv_type: the type of the permission to revoke. For more information, see Permission model.
  • column_list: optional. If the priv_type parameter is set to SELECT, you can enter the names of columns to revoke the SELECT permission on these columns.
  • priv_level: the level of the permission to revoke.
    • *.*: the cluster level.
    • db_name.*: the database level.
    • db_name.table_name or table_name: the table level.


To revoke permissions from accounts by executing the REVOKE statement, you must have the GRANT OPTION permission.


Revoke the database-level all permission of account3.

REVOKE all ON adb_demo.* FROM 'account3';