If you are a new user of AnalyticDB for MySQL, we recommend that you read the following topics:

  • Service highlights and pricing: Product page describes general information, core capabilities, and pricing of AnalyticDB for MySQL.
  • Quick start: describes how to create a cluster, database account, database, and table, configure a whitelist, connect to a cluster, and synchronize data.

After you get started, you can read the following topics to understand features of AnalyticDB for MySQL.

  • Connect to a cluster: describes how to connect to AnalyticDB for MySQL in application development.
  • Synchronize data: describes a solution provided by Alibaba Cloud to migrate data from existing data sources to AnalyticDB for MySQL.
  • Data visualization: describes how to use BI tools that are compatible with AnalyticDB for MySQL to integrate data in AnalyticDB for MySQL, and provide reports for decision-making in a fast and accurate way.
  • SQL manual: describes data types and SQL syntax supported by AnalyticDB for MySQL along with examples.
  • System functions: describes functions supported by AnalyticDB for MySQL along with examples.