If you are a database user, designer, developer, or administrator, see the following table for the required documents.

Item Recommendation
AnalyticDB for MySQL overview What is AnalyticDB for MySQL?: This topic describes the background and benefits of AnalyticDB for MySQL.

For more information about AnalyticDB for MySQL, see Product page.

Quick start of AnalyticDB for MySQL Based on your business needs, follow the steps in Quick start to create a database and account, configure a whitelist, connect to the database, and load and query data.
AnalyticDB for MySQL features Enhanced features: This topic describes features of AnalyticDB for MySQL.
Database objects such as databases, tables, and users
  • SQL: This topic describes data types and SQL syntax supported by AnalyticDB for MySQL along with examples.
  • Accounts and permissions: This topic describes account types, permission management methods, and the RAM-based account system in AnalyticDB for MySQL.
  • System functions: This topic describes functions supported by AnalyticDB for MySQL along with examples.
Data access Synchronize data: This topic describes how to migrate data such as database, OSS, MaxCompute, log, big data, and local Excel files to AnalyticDB for MySQL.
Database security Configure a whitelist, Apply for or release a public endpoint, and Fine-grained access control: These topics describe how to ensure data security in AnalyticDB for MySQL.