AnalyticDB for MySQL supports periodic full backup and log backup, which can effectively prevent data loss.

If you use full backup, snapshots of full data in a cluster are compressed and stored in other offline storage media. To ensure the metadata consistency of a distributed cluster, DDL statements are not allowed to be executed on the cluster within 10 minutes before that start of a full backup. Full restoration from backup sets is performed by cloning clusters. Remote backup sets are downloaded to restore data to a new cluster. By default, full backup is performed twice a week. You can modify the backup cycle and the backup point in time in the console. By default, full backup sets are retained for seven days.

If you use log backup, redo logs are uploaded in parallel by multiple nodes in a cluster to Object Storage Service (OSS) to store real-time logs. A full backup and subsequent redo logs generated within a period of time can be used to restore a new cluster to a point in time. This ensures the data security within this period of time. By default, log backup is enabled for new clusters, and backups are retained for seven days.