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Last Updated:May 27, 2016


After registering a domain name, you will have the right to use the domain name, but cannot use it to directly access your website or send and receive emails using it as an email address suffix. This is because domain names are only part of an address conversion system that facilitates memorization. To access a server on the Internet, you must use an IP address. Domain name resolution is the process in which domain names are directed to IP addresses. "Domain Name Resolution" is essential for the use of domain names.

An intelligent domain name resolution service provided by the HiChina DNS (Domain Name Service) system designed to upgrade domain names across the network, Alibaba Cloud DNS provides stable, secure, and fast domain name resolution capabilities and can resolve non-HiChina domain names to overseas IP addresses.

Users can use the APIs described herein to resolve domain names.

Before using these interfaces, please ensure that you fully understand the Alibaba Cloud DNS product instructions and usage agreement.


Term Full Name Description
DNS Domain Name Service or Domain Name System DNS provides conversion between host names and IP addresses as well as the relevant email routing information, using TCP/IP application distributed databases.
Resolution Domain Name Resolution The process maps domain names into IP addresses through the DNS system.
A Record A Record A (Address) records are used to specify IP address records corresponding to host names (or domain names).
CNAME Record CNAME Record CNAME (Canonical Name) records allow you to map multiple names onto the same computer. Generally, they are used for computers that provide both www and mail services.
MX Record MX Record MX (Mail Exchange) records are used to locate the appropriate email server based on the recipient's address suffix when the email system sends emails.
TXT Record TXT Record TXT (Text) records generally describe the settings of certain host names or domain names.
SRV Record SRV Record These are generally applications used to set Microsoft activity directories.
AAAA Record AAAA Record Resolves a domain name to an IPv6 address.
URL Forward URL Forward URL forwarding automatically directs you to a preset address when you access this domain name. This includes explicit and implicit URL forwarding.
Pan Resolution Pan Resolution If you resolve the * A record to a certain IP address, other visitors who access with any prefix are directed to the site you have resolved.
CNNIC Domain CNNIC Domain These are CNNIC managed domain names with the suffixes .cn, .中国, .公司, and .网络.
International Domain International Domain These are non-CNNIC domain names, with suffixes such as com, net, org, info, biz, mobi, so, co, cc, tv, me, asia, name, and hk.
Chinese Domain Chinese Domain Domain names where the main body is presented in Chinese characters.
NameType NameType The legal domain name format, e.g.,, and other strings composed of letters, (Chinese characters), numbers, hyphens "-", and periods ".".
SLA Service-Level Agreement Depending on the version, the Alibaba Cloud DNS service offers different service-level agreements (SLAs) for different paying users.
CDN Content Delivery Network Alibaba Cloud DNS is connected to the Alibaba Cloud CDN service and supports domain name acceleration.

Description of Business Restrictions and Type Constraints

When calling DNS APIs, you must use your Alibaba Cloud account.

In the interface description section, whenever there is a conflict with the type constraints given on the official site concerning optional parameter values or available specifications, the information on the official site will prevail.