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:Update history

Last Updated:Sep 29, 2017
  • API version: 01/09/2015
  • Last update: 12/04/2015
Release Date Version Description
2015-12-04 Alibaba Cloud DNS OpenAPI V1.5
  • Added Alibaba Cloud DNS Enterprise Version product management interfaces
  • Added domain name and resolution operation log query interfaces
2015-11-13 Alibaba Cloud DNS OpenAPI V1.4
  • Added domain name group management APIs
  • Added resolution Server Load Balancer management APIs
  • Modified APIs for domain name managment involving domain grouping information
2015-09-22 Alibaba Cloud DNS OpenAPI V1.3.2 Added the corresponding error codes for the Alibaba Cloud DNS enterprise version
2015-08-07 Alibaba Cloud DNS OpenAPI V1.3.1
  • Added an interface to retrieve subdomain name resolution record lists
  • Added an interface to delete resolution records corresponding to host records
2015-06-30 Alibaba Cloud DNS OpenAPI V1.3
  • Added an interface to modify HiChina DNS
  • Added an interface to retrieve primary domain names
  • Added an interface to check the validity of resolution records
  • Improved the return values for retrieving domain name Whois information
  • Added error codes for some interfaces
2015-04-28 Alibaba Cloud DNS OpenAPI V1.2 Improved the efficiency of working with large batches of domain names and resolution records through the interfaces that support batch operations such as delete, add, and modify.
2015-03-24 Alibaba Cloud DNS OpenAPI V1.1
  • Added the domain name retrieval interface
  • Added the set resolution record status interface (pause/enable)
  • Supplemented the URL forwarding error codes used for adding and modifying resolutions