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:Buy and manage instances

Last Updated:Oct 11, 2017

To use the advanced DNS, you must buy an instance first. Then you can associate the instance with one of your domain names to enable the advanced DNS service.

This document details how to buy and manage an instance on the DNS console.

Buy an instance

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

  2. On the Advanced DNS page, click Enable Advanced DNS.

  3. Complete the Basic Configuration and Purchase Plan, and then click Buy Now. The parameters include:

    • Minimum TTL: indicates the minimum time that a DNS record is cached on a local DNS server.

    • A Record Limit: indicates the maximum number of A records that can be added to the same host and ISP line.

    • Subdomain Levels: indicates the subdomain levels allowed for the record.

    • World Lines: indicates the world line level (continents, or countries) used to configure the point-to settings. Based on visitors’ places of origin, you can configure different RR direction settings.

    • Protection QPS: indicates the threshold for triggering DNS protection against abnormal DNS queries.

    • Max. Changes: indicates the maximum number of domain name changes. The advanced DNS instance must be associated with a domain name to enable the service. Once the instance is associated with a domain name, you can change the domain name.

    • Purchase Plan: indicates the duration of the instance.

  4. Confirm your order and complete the payment.

Manage an instance

With the instance newly added to your advanced DNS list, you can perform the following Actions:

  • Click View Details to view instance details.

  • Click Associate Domain Name to associate a domain name with the instance to enable the service.

  • Click Upgrade to change the instance configuration.

  • Click Renew to renew the instance for a longer duration.