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Alibaba Mail Configuration Guide

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2022

After you purchase AliMail mailbox , you can configure your mailbox as follows.

You can follow these steps:

1. Add a resolution record.

2. Set a password.

3. Create a user account.

4. Configuration client software.

Take AliMail Standard Edition as an example. If you purchase the Enterprise Edition, for more information about how to create sub-accounts and DNS resolution, see Create domain for AliMail Group Edition.

Step 1: Add a resolution record

Note: In order to use the mailbox properly, you must correctly configure the DNS resolution for the mailbox. Otherwise, the mailbox delivery service fails.

After logging on, you can enter the Management Console, select Enterprise Email, click Management for the purchased mailbox, and select the Configure Resolution label.

  1. If the domain name and mailbox are registered by the same member, the system binds the domain name and the mailbox automatically after you follow the instructions to click "Configure Resolution" then click "Add DNS Records".configrationadd dns

  2. If you cannot resolve the domain name of your mailbox, for example: the mailbox is not registered by the same member with the domain name or the domain name is registered in a different service provider, see Configuring mailbox resolution or follow the instructions on the page. The parse values to be added are as follows:

    Host name

    Resolution record type


    Resolution record value





















    v=spf1 -all

    Note: If the suffix of your mailbox is a domain name that ends with .cn, the resolution of the mailbox domain name takes effect after the domain name is validated.

    Note: If the DNS resolution is provided by Alibaba Cloud, the resolution takes effect in about 10 minutes after you configure the resolution successfully. You can wait a while.

    The resolution status of the mailbox domain name is described as follows:

    Status 1: Domain name resolution takes effect. You can use the mailbox delivery service and manage the mailbox.

    Status 2: Domain name resolution does not take effect. You cannot use webmail and mailbox delivery service on the client because the resolution is not pointed to the mailbox correctly. However, other features such as creating accounts and moving your mailbox are not affected.

    The resolution does not take effect and the system will regularly refresh. The resolution status is changed automatically after the resolution is enabled. You can also refresh the status manually.

    You can check the resolution status manually as follows:

    After logging on, you can enter the Management Console, select Enterprise Email, click Management of the purchased mailbox after Resolution not Effective ,and click Resolution Result or Refresh. The system will check whether the domain name resolution takes effect automatically. If the resolution takes effect, the status is changed to Resolution Effective automatically. If the resolution does not take effect, you can wait a while. 刷新解析

Step 2: Set the administrator password for the mailbox.

Note: When you log on to the mailbox for the first time, you need to change the administrator password of the mailbox.

  1. You can enter the Management Console, select Enterprise Email, and click Manage for the purchased mailbox.企业邮箱

  2. Set administrator password for AliMail Standard Edition重置密码

Step 3: Create user accounts

  1. Log on to the webmail to manage user accounts

    Create a user account for AliMail Standard Edition:

    Before the resolution takes effect, you can temporarily access to log on.

    After the resolution takes effect, you can log on to the mailbox using mail.

    with correct user name and password.login

    Note: If you log on as the administrator, you are directed to the Enterprise Email Domain Management page. If you are writing an email, you can click Enterprise Email Domain Management on the top-right corner to enter the page.域管理
  2. In the left-side navigation pane of the Enterprise Email Domain Management page, click DEPTs & Users->Employee Account Management.账号管理

  3. Click Create Account or use batch operation to Import accounts.create

  4. When use Create Account after you enter the information, click Save. The account is created account

  5. When use batch operation to Import accounts, download the Template, fill in the form according to the template format and uploadimport

Step 4: Configuration client software.

Configuration guide for commonly used client software:


Mail server

Port number (normal)

Port number (encrypted)










We recommend that you use SSL connection for security. You need to ensure that the encrypted ports 465, 995, and 993 are allowed on your network.

Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Foxmail 6/7, iPad, iPhone, Android (include IMAP) , MAC

If the issue persists, contact the customer service center.