SSL Certificates Service applies to the following scenarios:

Encrypt website data

The HTTP protocol does not support data encryption. This may cause problems such as data leaks, data tampering, and phishing attacks. After you install an SSL certificate on your website, this website encrypts website data over the HTTPS protocol during data transmission. This can effectively protect the transmission of sensitive data. The website data includes enterprise application data, government affairs information, and payment data on your website.

Convert website services from HTTP to HTTPS

To convert website services from HTTP to HTTPS, you can use SSL Certificates Service to apply for a digital certificate issued by a trusted certification authority (CA). Then you can deploy this digital certificate on your cloud website to convert from HTTP to HTTPS and provide authentication and encryption for website access.

Improve website security

If your website is not installed with an SSL certificate and the website URL starts with HTTP, your browser will mark this website as a website that is not secure.

If your website is installed with an SSL certificate, your browser marks this website as a secure website so that your website users can securely access your website.

If a website is installed with an EV or OV SSL certificate, the real identity of the enterprise to which this website belongs appears in the address bar of the browser. This helps enhance website users' trust in this website and increase the business turnover rate on this website.

Deploy HTTPS on Alibaba Cloud CDN, SCDN, DCDN, and SLB

If you have purchased Alibaba Cloud CDN, Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN), Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) or Server Load Balancer (SLB), you can use SSL Certificates Service to deploy your digital certificates to these products with just one click. SSL Certificates Service enables the HTTPS protocol for these cloud products.