Certificate Management Service is launched by Alibaba Cloud, in cooperation with multiple certificate authorities (CAs) around the world. You can use the service to manage your certificates over their lifecycles. This topic describes the benefits of Certificate Management Service to help you better understand the service.

Cooperation with famous brands

Alibaba Cloud cooperates with the trustworthy third-party CAs outside China to ensure the certification credibility, encryption strength, and data security for website users.

Quick issuance of certificates

You can purchase certificates and obtain certificates that are issued by different CAs in the Alibaba Cloud Management Console. You do not need to switch between different CA systems. Alibaba Cloud accelerates the approval of certificate applications and the issuance of certificates.

Centralized management of on-premises certificates and cloud certificates

Certificate Management Service allows you to manage on-premises certificates and cloud certificates in a centralized manner. After an issued third-party certificate is uploaded to the Certificate Management Service console, you can manage the certificates in the same way as you manage your cloud certificates that are purchased from Certificate Management Service. For example, you can view the uploaded certificate, receive certificate expiration notifications, and enable hosting for the uploaded certificate.

Certificate hosting

You can enable hosting for the certificates that are purchased in the Certificate Management Service console. When your certificate is due to expire, the system automatically submits a certificate application for a new certificate and adds the remaining validity period of the existing certificate to the validity period of the new certificate. This prevents the remaining validity period of the existing certificate from being wasted and reduces your O&M costs.

Various API operations

Certificate Management Service allows you to perform operations on multiple certificates at a time by calling API operations. For example, you can purchase or apply for multiple certificates at a time.

Full refunds

Certificate Management Service provides a money-back guarantee. If the quota of the certificate instance in your certificate order is not consumed, you can request a full refund within 28 calendar days.

Support the private CA (PCA) service

You can use PCA to build a private CA for your enterprise. Then, you can manage and issue private certificates within your enterprise. This ensures the security of data transmission within your enterprise. PCA is applicable for internal use and compliance use in enterprises.
  • Internal use in enterprises: The cryptographic technology of PCA enables secure data transmission, data encryption and decryption, and identity authentication between internal applications such as the internal office automation (OA) and human resources (HR) systems.
  • Compliance use in enterprises: PCA is used to meet the requirements of cryptographic technology compliance and digital authentication services. For example, PCA can be used in bank-enterprise direct link and digital signature scenarios.