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Import DNS records

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Import DNS records

You can import ready DNS records in the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.


1 . The following import modes are supported: incremental update and full update.

  • An incremental update refers to an import operation that keeps the existing DNS records unchanged and adds new DNS records.

  • A full update refers to an import operation that deletes all existing DNS records and then adds the DNS records that are in the file.

2 . Only XLS, XLSX, and ZONE files can be imported. You can import ZONE files without making modifications. While XLS, XLSX please log in the cloud parsing console download template use.

3 . You can import up to 1,000 DNS records at one time. Records that exceed the limit will not be imported. We recommend that you split a file that contains more than 1,000 DNS records into multiple files and upload these files one at a time.


1 . Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

2 . In the left-side navigation pane, click Manage DNS. On the Domains tab, click a domain name.


3 . On the DNS Settings page, click Import & Export.

4 . On the Import Records tab, select an import mode and click Upload.


5 . After uploading a file, you can view the import results on the current page. If you click Complete, the Import Records tab appears and the import results are no longer displayed.


Template introduction

XLS and XLSX files are supported. Please log on to the cloud resolution console to download the template to use. If the file that contains your DNS records is exported from other platforms, you must modify the file according to this template.

1 . The template provides examples of fields required for common DNS records.

2 . The examples in the template are for reference purposes. You must remove these examples before uploading the file.

3 . For more information about the ISP line field in the template, see Intelligent DNS resolution.

4 . You can enter descriptions for DNS records in the file to be uploaded. We recommend that you do not enter a description that exceeds 50 characters in length. Additional text will not be imported.

5 . You can enter the statuses of DNS records in the file to be uploaded. Valid statuses are Normal and Disabled. If you do not enter a status for a DNS record, the status will be Normal by default.

Export DNS records

On the Import & Export page, click the Export Records tab, select an export file type, and then click Export.