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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2020

DNS records

Alibaba Cloud DNS supports the following types of DNS records: A, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, AAAA, NS, and CAA. For more information, see Add a DNS record.

Record type Description
A An IPv4 record that maps a domain name to an IPv4 address.
AAAA An IPv6 record that maps a domain name to an IPv6 address.
CNAME An alias record that associates a domain name with another domain name.
MX An email interaction record that is used to route outgoing emails to an email server.
TXT A text record that contains human readable information.
SRV A server resource record that is used to identify a server that uses a service. SRV records are commonly used in directory management for Microsoft systems.
NS A name server record that is used to delegate a subdomain to other DNS service providers.
CAA A Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) record that allows a domain name holder to specify one or more certification authorities (CAs) authorized to issue certificates for that domain.

Intelligent DNS resolution

Alibaba Cloud DNS performs intelligent DNS resolution based on the geographic locations of requesters. For more information, see Intelligent DNS resolution.

Resolution line Description
Default Required. If no intelligent resolution line is matched during a DNS query, Alibaba Cloud DNS returns the resolution result that corresponds to the default line.
ISP line If you set the resolution line to an ISP line, such as China Unicom and China Mobile, resolution results are returned based on the specified ISP line.
Outside mainland China If you set the resolution line to outside mainland China, resolution results are returned based on the specified line.
Continent outside mainland China If you set the resolution line to a continent outside mainland China, such as Asia and Europe, resolution results are returned based on the specified continent.
Country or region outside mainland China If you set the resolution line to a country or region outside mainland China, such as Korea and United States, resolution results are returned based on the specified country or region.

Subdomain management

Alibaba Cloud DNS provides DNS hosting and domain name resolution services for subdomains, such as second-level domains and third-level domains. For more information, see Subdomain management.

Time to live (TTL)

Time to live (TTL) is the period of time that a DNS record remains in the cache memory of a DNS server. Alibaba Cloud DNS allows you to modify the value of TTL. Valid values of TTL are 1 second, 60 seconds, and 600 seconds. If you set the TTL of a DNS record to 1 second, changes to the DNS record will require 1 second to take effect around the globe.


Alibaba Cloud DNS supports IPv4/IPv6 dual stack. If you use IPv6, when the local DNS server sends a DNS request to Alibaba Cloud DNS, Alibaba Cloud DNS returns both the IPv6 and IPv4 addresses to the local DNS server. The local DNS server returns the IPV6 address to the user side.

Weight setting

Alibaba Cloud DNS supports weighted round-robin. You can set weights for IP addresses to balance DNS traffic. Alibaba Cloud DNS responds to queries based on pre-set weights.

Query volume

Alibaba Cloud DNS provides you with the statistics of DNS queries for domain names and subdomain names. You can download DNS query reports. For more information, see Query volume.

DNS attack defense

You can use the DNS attack defense feature provided by Alibaba Cloud DNS to defend against DNS flood attacks.

Secondary DNS

You can use Alibaba Cloud DNS as a secondary DNS server. Alibaba Cloud DNS automatically updates the changes to DNS records in your primary DNS server. For more information, see Secondary DNS.


Alibaba Cloud DNS provides scalable APIs and supports SDKs in Java, Python, PHP, .NET, and Go.

Global Traffic Manager

Global Traffic Manager (GTM) is a DNS-based service that allows you to balance concurrent traffic across multiple nodes and access the nearest node where your application is running. Based on health checks, Global Traffic Manager isolates faulty applications or switches them to healthy nodes for disaster recovery. For more information, see Global Traffic Manager.

Disaster recovery plan

You can create a disaster recovery plan in Global Traffic Manager to test disaster recovery capabilities and switch traffic when failures occur.

Testing tool

Alibaba Cloud DNS provides a DNS testing tool to help you test whether DNS records are valid on local DNS servers, authoritative name servers, and public DNS servers.