Alibaba Cloud DNS is an intelligent domain name resolution service developed by Alibaba Cloud based on the DNS server of HiChina. Alibaba Cloud DNS aims to provide stable, secure, and efficient domain name resolution and supports the resolution of domain names that are not registered with HiChina to IP addresses outside the Chinese mainland.

After you register a domain name, you have only the ownership of the domain name. You cannot directly use the domain name to visit your website or use the domain name as an email address suffix to send and receive emails. This is because a domain name is translated from an IP address and is used to facilitate memorization. You must use the original IP address to access a server over the Internet. A DNS server maps a domain name to the relevant IP address. Domain name resolution is required when you use a domain name.

The topics in API Reference describe how to call API operations to manage domain names.

Before you call these operations, make sure that you have read the introduction to Alibaba Cloud DNS and the API usage specifications.


Acronym Full name Chinese Description
DNS Domain Name Service or Domain Name System 域名服务/域名系统 DNS is a distributed database that is used for TCP/IP applications. It maps domain names to IP addresses and selects paths for emails.
resolution domain name resolution 域名解析 Domain name resolution maps domain names to IP addresses by using DNS.
A record A record A记录 An A record maps a domain name to the IPv4 address of the host.
CNAME record canonical name record CNAME记录/别名记录 A CNAME record maps a domain name to another domain name that is mapped to an IP address. CNAME records apply to scenarios in which World Wide Web (WWW) and email services are both provided.
MX record mail exchanger record MX记录 MX stands for mail exchanger. An MX record specifies the email server that receives emails based on the email address suffix of the recipient.
TXT record text record TXT记录 A TXT record is used to describe a hostname or a domain name.
SRV record service record SRV记录 An SRV record is commonly used in directory management for operating systems of Microsoft.
AAAA record AAAA record AAAA记录 An AAAA record maps a domain name to the relevant IPv6 address.
URL forwarding record URL forwarding record URL转发 A URL forwarding record redirects a domain name to another domain name of an existing website. Both explicit and implicit URL forwarding are supported.
wildcard DNS wildcard DNS 泛解析 If wildcard DNS is enabled, domain names with different prefixes and the same suffix can be used to access the same website. For example, an A record of * maps the domain name to an IP address. After wildcard DNS is enabled, domain names that are suffixed with can all be mapped to the IP address.
CNNIC domain name China Internet Network Information Center domain name 国内域名 CNNIC domain names are suffixed with .cn, .中国, .公司, or .网络. These domain names are managed by CNNIC.
international domain name international domain name 国际域名 International domain names have different suffixes from CNNIC domain names. For example, international domain names can be suffixed with com, net, org, info, biz, mobi, so, co, cc, tv, me, asia, name, or hk.
Chinese domain name Chinese domain name 中文域名 The second-level domains of Chinese domain names are in Chinese.
NameType NameType 域名格式 NameType specifies the syntax of a domain name. For example, and are both valid domain names. English letters, Chinese characters, digits, hyphens (-), and periods (.) are allowed in domain names.
SLA Service-level Agreement 服务等级协议 The SLA of Alibaba Cloud DNS defines the services to be provided and delivered for different versions.
CDN Content Delivery Network 内容分发网络 Alibaba Cloud DNS is integrated with Alibaba Cloud CDN to provide accelerated access to domain names.


You must use your Alibaba Cloud account to call the Alibaba Cloud DNS API.

If any part of the API reference concerning optional parameter values or available specifications contradicts the information published on the international site (, the information on the international site takes precedence.