Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides video management features that can be used to increase the cache hit ratio, reduce bandwidth usage during the back-to-origin process, extract audio data from video files, preview audio and video content, and enable M3U8 encryption.

The preceding features allow you to perform the following operations on domain names.
Feature Description
Object chunking Enables Alibaba Cloud CDN to retrieve content from origin servers based on HTTP range requests. This increases the cache hit ratio, reduces the amount of data transfer during the back-to-origin process, and reduces the response time.
Video seeking Allows users to seek through video or audio content without compromising the playback quality.
Audio extraction Extracts audio data from video files to reduce the bandwidth usage.
Audio or video preview Returns audio or video files of a specific length of time to clients.
M3U8 encryption and rewrite Rewrites M3U8 files that are transmitted over HLS. You can use custom parameters to rewrite M3U8 files.