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How to Block Malicious IP Access After Configuring Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network

Last Updated: May 19, 2022


This topic describes how to shield malicious IP access after configuring Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network to protect site data and traffic loads.

Background information

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud CDN console.
  2. On the Domain Names page, find the target domain name and click Manage.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane of the specified domain name, click RAM.
  4. In the right-side domain name management section, click IP Blacklist.
  5. In the IP Blacklist /Whitelist section, click Modify.
  6. On the Rules tab, set the List Type parameter to Blacklist, enter the IP addresses to be blocked or denied, and click OK to save the IP addresses.
    Note: You can configure up to 5000 IP addresses, which are separated by carriage returns. You cannot configure duplicate network segments.

Applicable scope

  • CDN