The application center of Alibaba Cloud CDN provides tools and value-added services, such as IP query. You can easily find and use services in the application center.

The application center provides the following tools and services.

Category Tool/Service Description
Tools IP query You can query whether an IP address belongs to an Alibaba Cloud CDN edge node, and the region and Internet service provider (ISP) to which the IP address belongs.
Monitoring CloudMonitor is an all-in-one service that monitors Alibaba Cloud CDN in real time and generates alert events if anomalies are detected.
Edge security HTTPS secure acceleration HTTPS secure acceleration can be used to encrypt HTTPS connections between clients and Alibaba Cloud CDN edge nodes. HTTPS ensures data security during transmission.
Certificate Management Service Certificate Management Service collaborates with a variety of certificate authorities (CAs) inside and outside China. You can use Certificate Management Service to apply for and deploy certificates.
Video and image editing on edge nodes Image editing Image editing allows you to edit and distribute images on Alibaba Cloud CDN edge nodes. This simplifies the back-to-origin routing process, reduces the number of requests that are redirected to origin servers, and reduces loads on origin servers.