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Alibaba Cloud CDN:ListRealtimeLogDeliveryDomains

Last Updated:Jan 13, 2023

Queries all domain names that are associated with a specific real-time log delivery configuration.

Operation Description

Note The maximum number of times that each user can call this operation per second is 100.

Authorization information

There is currently no authorization information disclosed in the API.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description Example
Project string Yes

The name of the Log Service project that is used for real-time log delivery. You can specify multiple project names and separate them with commas (,).

Logstore string Yes

The name of the Logstore that collects log data from Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) in real time. You can specify multiple Logstore names and separate them with commas (,).

Region string Yes

The ID of the region where the Log Service project is deployed. You can specify multiple region IDs and separate them with commas (,).

For more information about regions, see Regions that support real-time log delivery.


Response parameters

Parameter Type Description Example
RequestId string

The ID of the request.

Content array

The information about the accelerated domain names.

Status string

The status of the real-time log delivery feature. Valid values:

  • online: The feature is enabled.
  • offline: The feature is disabled.
DomainName string

The accelerated domain name.


Normal return example


  "RequestId": "95D5B69F-8AEC-419B-8F3A-612B35032B0D",
  "Content": {
    "Domains": [
        "Status": "online",
        "DomainName": " "

Error codes

Http code Error code Error message
400 Unauthorized RealtimeLogDelivery Service Not Authorized
404 LogstoreNotExist Logstore does not exist

For a list of error codes, visit the API error center.