You can use Object Storage Service (OSS) together with Alibaba Cloud CDN to cache objects stored in OSS to the edge nodes of Alibaba Cloud CDN. When a large number of users repeatedly access an object in your OSS bucket, the users can retrieve the object from CDN edge nodes. This reduces the response time.


OSS is a cost-effective storage service. Alibaba Cloud CDN can accelerate the delivery of static resources. OSS buckets as origin servers provide the following benefits:
  • All requests destined for the origin server are redirected to CDN edge nodes to reduce loads on the origin server.
  • You are charged for outbound data transfer from Alibaba Cloud CDN instead of outbound data transfer over the Internet from OSS. Outbound data transfer from Alibaba Cloud CDN is billed at a lower price.
  • Clients retrieve static resources from the nearest CDN edge nodes to minimize the network transmission distance and ensure the quality of data transmission.


If the origin server is an OSS bucket, Alibaba Cloud CDN caches the static resources, including scripts, images, audio files, and video files, from the bucket to CDN edge nodes. When users request the resources, the edge nodes return the requested resources to the users. This accelerates content delivery.

The following figure shows the architecture.Architecture



For more information about how to add an accelerated domain name to OSS, see Map accelerated domain names.