This topic describes the services that work with ActionTrail and events that are supported by ActionTrail.

This article introduces all services supported by Actiontrail, which consist of global services and non-global services. For more information about global services and global events, see Global services that work with ActionTrail.

ActionTrail processes the operational data of your account when you use Alibaba Cloud products. However, Actiontrail has no access to data owned by you and stored in Alibaba Cloud products (such as files stored in OSS which may contain data about your customers). Data processed by ActionTrail from Global Services may be processed and stored in your chosen Alibaba Cloud region(s) or other regions.

Elastic computing

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Elastic Compute Service (ECS)EcsBefore 2020Audit events of ECS
Auto ScalingEssBefore 2020Audit events of Auto Scaling
Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)CSBefore 2020Audit events of Container Service for Kubernetes
Container RegistrycrBefore 2020Audit events of Container Registry
Simple Application ServerSWASBefore 2020Audit events of Simple Application Server
Batch ComputeBatchComputeBefore 2020Audit events of Batch Compute
Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC)EHPCBefore 2020Audit events of Elastic High Performance Computing
Web App ServiceWebPlusBefore 2020Audit events of Web App Service
Elastic Container Instance (ECI)EciBefore 2020Audit events of Elastic Container Instance
Function ComputeFC2020-11-27Audit events of Function Compute
Elastic Desktop Service (EDS)ECD2020-12-21Audit events of ECD
Elastic Block Storage (EBS)EBS2021-12-23Audit events of Elastic Block Storage
Serverless WorkflowFnF2021-09-16Audit events of Serverless Workflow


Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS)NASBefore 2020Audit events of NAS

Object Storage Service (OSS)


Before 2020

ActionTrail allows you to query only management events of OSS. For more information about the management events of OSS, see Audit events of Object Storage Service.

Intelligent Media ManagementIMM2020-07-21Audit events of Intelligent Media Management
Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG)CloudStorageGateway2020-11-27Audit events of Cloud Storage Gateway
Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR)HBR2021-07-20Audit events of Hybrid Backup Recovery
Lightning CubeHcsMgw2021-07-12Audit events of Data Transport
Log ServiceSLS2021-10-11Audit events of Log Service


Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
ApsaraDB RDSRdsBefore 2020Audit events of ApsaraDB RDS
Data Transmission Service (DTS)DtsBefore 2020Audit events of Data Transmission Service
AnalyticDB for PostgreSQLgpdbBefore 2020Audit events of AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL
ApsaraDB for RedisR-kvstoreBefore 2020Audit events of ApsaraDB for Redis
Audit events of PolarDB-X 1.0DrdsBefore 2020Audit events of PolarDB-X 1.0
ApsaraDB for MongoDBDdsBefore 2020Audit events of ApsaraDB for MongoDB
TablestoreOTS2020-02-27Audit events of Tablestore
AnalyticDB for MySQL V2.0ADS2020-02-27Audit events of AnalyticDB for MySQL
ApsaraDB for HBaseHBase2020-02-27Audit events of ApsaraDB for HBase
Time Series Database (TSDB)TSDB2020-12-29Audit events of TSDB
ApsaraDB for CassandraCassandra2021-01-08Audit events of ApsaraDB for Cassandra
ApsaraDB for OceanBaseOceanBase2021-03-19N/A
Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM)ADAM2021-06-15N/A
Database Backup (DBS)DBS2021-08-16Audit events of Database Backup
Data Lake Analytics (DLA)DataLakeAnalytics2021-07-28N/A
Database GatewayDatabaseGateway2022-07-08Audit events of Database Gateway
Audit events of PolarDB-X 2.0Polardbx2023-02-02N/A


Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)VpcBefore 2020N/A
NAT GatewayVpcBefore 2020N/A
Elastic IP Address (EIP)VpcBefore 2020N/A
Express ConnectVpcBefore 2020N/A
Global Accelerator (GA)VpcBefore 2020N/A
Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)CenBefore 2020Audit events of Cloud Enterprise Network
Classic Load Balancer (CLB)SlbBefore 2020Audit events of Classic Load Balancer
Application Load Balancer (ALB)ALB2021-08-24Audit events of Application Load Balancer
Smart Access Gateway (SAG)SmartagBefore 2020Audit events of Smart Access Gateway



Before 2020Audit events of PrivateLink
Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZonePrivateZone2021-01-13Audit events of Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone
Global Accelerator (GA)Ga2021-03-16Audit events of Global Accelerator
Anycast Elastic IP AddressEipanycast2022-04-18Audit events of Anycast EIP
VPC peering connectionVpcPeer2023-01-08None

Media services and CDN

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Alibaba Cloud CDNCdnBefore 2020Audit events of Alibaba Cloud CDN
ApsaraVideo VOD (VOD)vodBefore 2020Audit events of ApsaraVideo VOD
ApsaraVideo LiveliveBefore 2020Audit events of ApsaraVideo Live
ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS)MtsBefore 2020Audit events of MTS
Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN)DCDN2020-02-13Audit events of Dynamic Route for CDN
Edge Node Service (ENS)ENS2020-02-27Audit events of Edge Node Service

Domains and websites

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
DomainsDomain/Domain-intlBefore 2020Audit events of Domains
Alibaba Cloud DNS (DNS)AlidnsBefore 2020Audit events of Alibaba Cloud DNS

Application services

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
API GatewayCloudAPIBefore 2020Audit events of API Gateway
Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)BaasBefore 2020N/A


Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ V4.0OnsBefore 2020Audit events of Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ
Message Queue for Apache KafkaAliKafka2020-02-27Audit events of Message Queue for Apache Kafka
Application Configuration Management (ACM)ACM2020-07-31Audit events of Application Configuration Management
EventBridgeEventBridge2020-11-18Audit events of EventBridge
Message QueueAmqp2022-07-08Audit events of Message Queue
Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ V5.0RocketMQ2022-12-02Audit events of Message Queue for Apache RocketMQ 5.0

Cloud communications

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Short Message ServiceDysmsBefore 2020Audit events of Short Message Service
ChatAppChatAppMessageService2020-12-29Audit events of CAMS


Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events

Anti-DDoS Premium


Before 2020Audit events of Anti-DDoS Premium

Anti-DDoS Pro


Before 2020N/A
Web Application Firewall (WAF)waf-openapiBefore 2020Audit events of Web Application Firewall
Server GuardaegisBefore 2020Audit events of Server Guard
Cloud FirewallCloudfwBefore 2020Audit events of Cloud Firewall
Website Threat InspectoravdsBefore 2020Audit events of Website Threat Inspector
Certificate Management ServicecasBefore 2020Audit events of Certificate Management Service
Security CenterSasBefore 2020Audit events of Security Center
Content ModerationGreenBefore 2020Audit events of Content Moderation
Fraud DetectionSAF2020-02-27Audit events of Fraud Detection
GameShieldGameshield2021-08-24Audit events of GameShield
Managed Security Service (MSSP)Mssp2021-08-24Audit events of MSSP
Anti-DDoS BasicDdosBasic2022-05-09N/A
Privileged access managementPAM2023-01-04None

Big data

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
E-MapReduceEmrBefore 2020Audit events of EMR
Quick BIquickbiBefore 2020Audit events of Quick BI
ElasticsearchElasticSearch2020-06-12Audit events of Elasticsearch
DataVDataV2021-01-21Audit events of DataV

Artificial intelligence

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI)PAI2021-05-21ActionTrail allows you to query only the management events of Deep Learning Containers (DLC) for PAI.

Containers and middleware

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Message Service (MNS)MNS2021-05-20Audit events of Message Service
Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS)EDAS2021-08-16Audit events of EDAS

IoT services

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
IoT PlatformIotBefore 2020N/A

Management and monitoring

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
CloudMonitorCmsBefore 2020Audit events of CloudMonitor
Resource Access Management (RAM)RamBefore 2020Audit events of RAM
Identity Management ServiceImsBefore 2020Audit events of IMS
Account Logon ServiceAasCustomerBefore 2020Audit events of Account Logon
RAM User Logon ServiceAasSubBefore 2020Audit events for RAM User Logon
Security Token ServiceStsBefore 2020Audit events of STS
Resource ManagementResourceManagerBefore 2020Audit events of Resource Management
Operation auditActiontrailBefore 2020Auditable events of ActionTrail
Cloud ConfigConfig2020-07-21Audit events of Cloud Config
Resource Orchestration Service (ROS)ROSBefore 2020Audit events of ROS
Key Management ServiceKmsBefore 2020Audit events of KMS
CloudControlCloudControl2022-08-04Audit events of Cloud Control API
Tag ServiceTAG2023-02-08N/A

Membership services

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Billing Management APIBssOpenApiBefore 2020Audit events of Billing Management API

Development and O&M

Service nameService codeStart timeRemarks on service events
Application High Availability ServiceAHAS2021-03-29Audit events of Application High Availability Service
Tracing AnalysisTracing2021-06-10Audit events of Tracing Analysis
Logic ComposerLC2021-06-03Audit events of Logic Composer
CloudSSOCloudSSO2021-08-19Audit events of CloudSSO
Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS)ARMS2021-08-19Audit events of Application Real-Time Monitoring Service
Service CatalogServiceCatalog2022-05-18Audit events of Service Catalog
Quota CenterQuotas2022-07-13Audit events of Billing Management API
Network Load Balancer (NLB)NLB2022-12-02Audit events of NLB

Special services and events

Account-related events and specific Alibaba Cloud services that involve operations on data are not fully supported by ActionTrail. The following table describes the account-related events that are supported or not supported by ActionTrail and events that are supported or not supported by ActionTrail for the specific Alibaba Cloud services. In most cases, data-related events are not supported by ActionTrail, such as uploading files to or downloading objects from OSS buckets.

Service name or event typeSupported eventUnsupported event
Account-related event
  • Unusual logon by using an Alibaba Cloud account
  • Password resetting for an Alibaba Cloud account
Object Storage Service (OSS)ActionTrail supports the following management events for OSS buckets:
  • DeleteBucket
  • DeleteBucketCors
  • DeleteBucketEncryption
  • DeleteBucketEventNotification
  • DeleteBucketInventory
  • DeleteBucketLifecycle
  • DeleteBucketLog
  • DeleteBucketNotification
  • DeleteBucketPolicy
  • DeleteBucketQoSInfo
  • DeleteBucketReplication
  • DeleteBucketTagging
  • DeleteBucketWebSite
  • GetBucketAcl
  • GetBucketCors
  • GetBucketEncryption
  • GetBucketEventNotification
  • GetBucketInfo
  • GetBucketInventory
  • GetBucketLifecycle
  • GetBucketLocation
  • GetBucketLog
  • GetBucketMimeType
  • GetBucketNotification
  • GetBucketPolicy
  • GetBucketQoSInfo
  • GetBucketReferer
  • GetBucketReplication
  • GetBucketReplicationLocation
  • GetBucketReplicationProgress
  • GetBucketRequestPayment
  • GetBucketStat
  • GetBucketTagging
  • GetBucketTransferAcceleration
  • GetBucketUserQos
  • GetBucketVersioning
  • GetBucketVersions
  • GetBucketWebSite
  • GetBucketWorm
  • PutBucket
  • PutBucketCors
  • PutBucketEncryption
  • PutBucketEventNotification
  • PutBucketHash
  • PutBucketInventory
  • PutBucketLifecycle
  • PutBucketLog
  • PutBucketNotification
  • PutBucketPolicy
  • PutBucketQoSInfo
  • PutBucketReferer
  • PutBucketReplication
  • PutBucketRequestPayment
  • PutBucketTagging
  • PutBucketTransferAcceleration
  • PutBucketUserQos
  • PutBucketVersioning
  • PutBucketWebSite
ActionTrail does not support the events that are related to objects or LiveChannels for OSS. Examples of events that are not supported:
  • PutObject
  • GetObject
  • CopyObject
  • AppendObject
  • DeleteObject
  • DeleteMultipleObjects
  • PutObjectACL
  • GetObjectACL
  • PutObjectTagging
  • GetObjectTagging
  • DeleteObjectTagging
  • PutLiveChannelStatus
  • PutLiveChannel
  • GetVodPlaylist
  • PostVodPlaylist
  • GetLiveChannelStat
  • GetLiveChannelInfo
  • GetLiveChannelHistory
  • ListLiveChannel
  • DeleteLiveChannel
Log ServiceActionTrail supports the management events for Log Service in the following regions:
  • China (Shanghai)
  • China (Chengdu)
  • Singapore
  • UK (London)
  • Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • US (Silicon Valley)
  • US (Virginia)
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
Examples of events that are not supported:
  • GetProjectLogs
  • GetLogs
  • GetHistograms
  • GetCursor
  • ListShards
  • MergeShards
  • PutLogs
  • PullLogs
  • CreateAlert
  • UpdateAlert
  • DeleteAlert
  • GetAlert
  • ListAlert
Message Queue for Apache RocketMQManagement events The events that are generated when you call SDKs to receive or send messages by using an AccessKey pair
TablestoreManagement events Examples of events that are not supported:
  • GetRow
  • PutRow
  • UpdateRow
  • DeleteRow
  • GetRange
  • BatchGetRow
  • BatchWriteRow
  • CreateTable
  • ListTable
  • DeleteTable
  • UpdateTable
  • DescribeTable
  • CreateIndex
  • DeleteIndex
Message ServiceManagement events Examples of events that are not supported:
  • SendMessage
  • BatchSendMessage
  • ReceiveMessage
  • BatchReceiveMessage
  • DeleteMessage
  • BatchDeleteMessage
  • PeekMessage
  • BatchPeekMessage
  • ChangeMessageVisibility
  • SetSubscriptionAttributes
  • GetSubscriptionAttributes
  • PublishMessage