The following tables list API operations available for use in ActionTrail.

Trail management

API operation Description
CreateTrail Creates a trail.
DescribeTrails Queries the detailed information about trails.
GetTrailStatus Queries the status of a trail.
StartLogging Enables logging for a trail.
StopLogging Disables logging for a trail.
UpdateTrail Updates the configuration of a trail.
DeleteTrail Deletes a trail.


API operation Description
LookupEvents Queries event details.
DescribeRegions Queries the Alibaba Cloud regions that are supported by ActionTrail.

Management of historical event delivery tasks

API operation Description
CreateDeliveryHistoryJob Creates a historical event delivery task.
GetDeliveryHistoryJob Queries the details of a historical event delivery task.
ListDeliveryHistoryJobs Queries the created historical event delivery tasks.
DeleteDeliveryHistoryJob Deletes a historical event delivery task.