This topic describes the fields in Alibaba Cloud-initiated events and provides an example of such an event.

Fields that are contained

Field Description
EventID The ID of the event. This field uniquely identifies an event.
EventVersion The version of the event.
EventProduct The name of the Alibaba Cloud service on which an operation is performed, such as Object Storage Service (OSS).
EventName The name of the event that occurs when you call an API operation on an Alibaba Cloud service, such as Set Bucket Quota Limit.
EventDescription The reason why the operation is performed. For example, this field records the ID of a regular ticket, an internal operations and maintenance (O&M) ticket, a change ticket, or a security scanning task.
EventType The type of the operation. Valid values:

    Indicates a technical support operation that is performed by Alibaba Cloud engineers, such as troubleshooting based on tickets that are submitted by users.


    Indicates an operation that is performed by Alibaba Cloud engineers or systems based on O&M requirements, such as bucket migration across clusters after the cluster hardware is out of warranty.


    Indicates an operation that is performed by Alibaba Cloud engineers or systems on the public data of users based on rules and regulations.

EmployeeID The encrypted ciphertext of the globally unique employee ID of the operator in Alibaba Cloud.

If an event is automatically operated by a system program, this field is empty. If an event is manually operated by an Alibaba Cloud engineer, this field is not empty. When necessary, you can submit a ticket and provide the value of this field to Alibaba Cloud to query the specific operator of an event.

EventMethod The method that the operator uses to perform the operation. For example, the operator uses the API, SDKs, or console of a specific Alibaba Cloud service to read, write, back up, or restore data.
ResourceType The type of the resource that is associated with the event. Example: ACS::ACK::Cluster.
ResourceID The ID of the event-associated resource, such as the ID of an OSS bucket.
ResourceRegionID The ID of the region where the event-associated resource resides.
ResourceOwnerID The ID of the Alibaba Cloud account to which the event-associated resource belongs.
EventAdditionalDetail The additional information about the event.
EventTime The time when the operation is performed. The time is in UTC. Example: 2021-03-22T05:23:37Z.
EventLevel The severity level of the operation. Valid values:
  • NOTICE: indicates that the system only records the operation in the log of an Alibaba Cloud-initiated event.
  • WARNING: indicates that the system records the operation in the log of an Alibaba Cloud-initiated event and sends an alert notification to users.
EventLocation The geographic location of the country where the Alibaba Cloud engineer performs the operation. Example: CN. The value indicates mainland China.


    "EmployeeID": "64tSfLheCbLra9ClKaUF86J4DkP84p3n6H6sc4BS****",
    "EventAdditionalDetail": "{\"filter\":\"user_id:153915067560****\",\"groupbys\":\"ts,storage_type\",\"max\":\"100000\",\"endts\":\"1616947199\",\"orderby\":\"ts\"}",
    "EventDescription": "requestID: 61167C65-B80D-4876-A573-D61DD4238AA2",
    "EventID": "4facb9c7-d970-4f53-af5b-4ee08f51****",
    "EventLevel": "NOTICE",
    "EventLocation": "CN",
    "EventMethod": "Regular Read",
    "EventName": "DescribeK8sResourceGroup",
    "EventProduct": "ACK",
    "EventTime": "2021-03-29T09:44:51Z",
    "EventVersion": "1.0.0",
    "ResourceID": "cd63fb222a3be44a89df72686b343****",
    "ResourceOwnerID": "129242164613****",
    "ResourceRegionID": "cn-hangzhou",
    "ResourceType": "ACS::ACK::Cluster"