ActionTrail no longer supports the GetBucket (ListObjects) event after 23:59:59 on March 24, 2020.

A GetBucket (ListObjects) event is an API event of Object Storage Service (OSS). It is used to query all objects in a bucket. The traffic volume of the GetBucket (ListObjects) event is large and the peak value fluctuates frequently. When ActionTrail tracks and delivers this event together with other events, the efficiency may be affected, and the traffic proportion for important write events is small. Therefore, ActionTrail suspends its support for the GetBucket(ListObjects) event. The time to resume the support will be announced later.

The possible impacts are as follows:

  • When you query historical events, the GetBucket (ListObjects) event is no longer displayed and cannot be searched. This allows you to focus on the write events that require special attention.
  • This change will not affect your logs in an OSS bucket or a Log Service Logstore if you have created a trail and delivered events to the bucket or Logstore.
    Note When you create a trail in ActionTrail, the GetBucket (ListObjects) event cannot be delivered to a bucket or Logstore, because it consumes a large amount of storage resources.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this change. The ActionTrail team will speed up the upgrade and strive to provide you with more stable and robust audit services.