You can separately create subscription disks in the ECS console to increase the storage space of subscription ECS instances. This topic describes how to create an empty data disk.

Background information

You can use one of the following methods to create a subscription disk. This topic describes the first method.
  • Create a subscription disk and attach it to a subscription ECS instance in the ECS console.
  • When you create an ECS instance, set its billing method to subscription and create disks for the instance. All disks created together with this instance use the subscription method. For more information, see Create an instance.
Note the following limits when you create a subscription disk:
  • You cannot merge multiple disks by formatting them because they are independent of each other. Therefore, we recommend that you determine the number and capacity of disks that you need before you create them.
  • We recommend that you do not use Logical Volume Manager (LVM) to create logical volumes on multiple disks. This is because a snapshot can only back up data of a single disk. If you create a logical volume on multiple disks by using LVM, data discrepancies will occur when you roll back these disks.
  • Subscription disks cannot be detached. They expire and are released along with the instances to which they are attached. If you want to release a subscription disk, you can convert it to a pay-as-you-go disk, and then detach and release it.

For information about the subscription billing method, see Subscription.


  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Instances & Images > Instances.
  3. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  4. On the Instances page, find the subscription instance for which you want to create a subscription disk. In the Actions column, choose More > Configuration Change > Add Subscription Disk.
    Add a subscription disk
  5. In the Disk section on the page that appears, configure the following parameters:
    • Disk category: Select a disk category from the drop-down list. For information about how to select enhanced SSDs, see Enhanced SSDs.
    • Disk capacity: Enter a capacity for the disk. The capacity can range from 20 GiB to 32,768 GiB.
    • Disk encryption: Select Disk Encryption if required. For information about the disk encryption feature, see ECS disk encryption.
    • (Optional) Select Apply Automatic Snapshot Policy and then select an existing automatic snapshot policy.

      You can also create an automatic snapshot policy. For more information about how to create an automatic snapshot policy, see Create an automatic snapshot policy.

    • Quantity: Enter the number of disks that you want to create.
      Note You can create up to 16 data disks for a single instance.
    • (Optional) Disk Name: Enter a name for the disk.
    • (Optional) Description: Enter a description for the disk.
    • To create a disk from a snapshot, click Create from Snapshot. For more information, see Create a disk from a snapshot.
    Create a disk
  6. Read and select ECS Terms of Service .
  7. Click Preview.
  8. In the Preview message that appears, confirm the parameter settings and click Create Order.
  9. Select a payment method and click Purchase.
  10. Click Console and go to the Instances page. Click the ID of the instance to which the new subscription disk is attached.
  11. Click Disks in the left-side navigation pane. In the disk list, find the subscription disk that you created.
    The disk is attached to the instance and is in the In Use state.

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