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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019


ApsaraVideo for VOD provides a variety of media processing capabilities. With economic, elastic, and highly scalable audio and video conversion methods, ApsaraVideo for VOD helps you transcode your audio and videos into formats suitable for playback on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices. In addition, ApsaraVideo for VOD provides enhancement features such as automated review, online editing, and AI processing. This allows you to customize your media production process to cope with different scenarios.

Processing methods

Audio and video transcoding

Transcode uploaded videos

ApsaraVideo for VOD provides rich transcoding features that can convert an audio or video file into another or multiple audio or video files. This helps you produce audio and videos that are suitable for different bandwidths, terminal devices, and user demands. Based on long-term data analysis, ApsaraVideo for VOD provides multiple scenario-specific preset definitions and streamlines the process from uploading to transcoding.In addition, ApsaraVideo for VOD supports Alibaba Cloud video encryption and standard HLS encryption to effectively protect your video content.

The following figure shows the video production process.


Distribute videos without transcoding

Some videos such as short videos generally have been compressed when they are captured. They can be directly played on multiple terminals. In this case, you can distribute them without transcoding. For videos that have been transcoded locally, ApsaraVideo for VOD does not need to transcode them again. In this case, you can also distribute these videos without transcoding.

The following figure shows the video production process without transcoding.


For more information, see Audio and video transcoding.

Automated review

Based on Alibaba Cloud’s powerful AI capabilities, ApsaraVideo for VOD can efficiently identify prohibited content such as pornographic, politically sensitive, violence, and terrorism content in videos. This reduces the manual review cost and ensures content security.

For more information, see Media review.

Online editing

As the production center of ApsaraVideo for VOD, the online editing service supports features such as cutting and merging, audio mixing, text overlay, image overlay, masking, and transition effects. It provides an online visual editing platform and related API operations. In addition, a variety of editing templates are provided. The video AI processing results can also be used as the input of online editing for secondary production.

For more information, see Online editing.

AI processing

ApsaraVideo for VOD provides a variety of AI processing features such as intelligent thumbnail, media fingerprint, and intelligent vision. These features deeply interpret each frame of videos to extract comprehensive structured information. In addition, ApsaraVideo for VOD provides custom model training capabilities for developers and enterprises without any algorithm expertise. These features can be applied in various scenarios.Click here to experience video AI.The following figure shows an example of AI processing results.


The media processing service of ApsaraVideo for VOD provides the following benefits:

  • Adaptation to multiple terminals: generates content that can be played on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices.

  • Adaptation to multiple network environments: allows you to select the most appropriate bitrate based on your network bandwidth to play videos smoothly.

  • Reduction of storage and distribution costs: allows you to adjust video bitrates, improve video compression efficiency, and reduce file sizes while ensuring the same image quality. This reduces frame freezing during playback and saves storage space and traffic.

  • Content protection: supports content encryption that is applicable in various scenarios such as online education and originality protection.