You can downgrade the Internet bandwidth of subscription instances.


An instance can be downgraded only when the instance meets the following conditions:
  • The billing method of the instance is subscription.
  • The instance is in the Running or Stopped state.
  • The instance has no ongoing downgrade or renewal process.

Background information

A downgrade may result in a refund. The refund amount is the result of the following formula: Refund amount = Remaining amount of the configuration fee before the downgrade - Price of the new configurations.

You can use the bandwidth downgrade feature to perform the following operations:
  • If the current bandwidth billing method is Pay-By-Bandwidth, you can:
    • Lower the fixed bandwidth.
    • Change the billing method to Pay-By-Traffic and set the peak bandwidth.
  • If the current bandwidth billing method is Pay-By-Traffic, you can change the peak bandwidth, but you cannot change the billing method to Pay-By-Bandwidth.
    Note For a VPC-type instance, when its bandwidth is lowered to 0 Mbit/s, its public IP address will be detached.
When you downgrade the bandwidth, the following limits apply:
  • Whether the bandwidth of a subscription instance can be downgraded is determined by your ECS instance usage.
  • You can downgrade only one subscription instance at a time.
  • Each subscription instance can be downgraded a maximum of three times. Downgrade operations include instance specifications downgrades, bandwidth downgrades, and the change of the disk billing method from subscription to pay-as-you-go.
  • The interval between two downgrade operations must be at least 5 minutes.
  • If a VPC-type instance has an EIP bound, its configurations cannot be downgraded.


  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Instances & Images > Instances.
  3. Find the subscription instance and click Upgrade/Downgrade in the Action column.
  4. In the dialog box, select Configuration Downgrade and Bandwidth Configuration, and click Continue.
  5. Set the bandwidth, and select ECS Terms of Service .
  6. Click Downgrade Now.
    Note The downgrade takes effect immediately. You do not need to restart your instance.