You can downgrade Internet bandwidth configurations of Subscription instances and change the bandwidth billing method from Pay-By-Bandwidth to Pay-By-Traffic. The configurations take effect immediately without the need to restart instances.

You can use the bandwidth configuration downgrade function to perform the following operations:
  • If the current bandwidth billing method is Pay-By-Bandwidth, you can:

    • Lower the fixed bandwidth.
    • Change the billing method to Pay-By-Traffic and set the peak bandwidth.
  • If the current bandwidth billing method is Pay-By-Traffic, you can:

    Change the peak bandwidth. Note that you cannot change the billing method to Pay-By-Bandwidth.

    Note If your instance uses a VPC, the process of detaching the Internet IP address will be triggered when the bandwidth is lowered to 0 Mbit/s.


  • Whether the bandwidth of a Subscription instance can be downgraded is determined by your ECS instance usage.
  • You can downgrade bandwidth configurations of only one instance at a time.
  • You can only downgrade the bandwidth configurations of each instance a maximum of three times. Configuration downgrade operations include instance configuration downgrades, bandwidth configuration downgrades, and cloud disk billing method adjustments.
  • The time interval between two downgrade operations must be at least 5 minutes.
  • If the instance uses a VPC and has an elastic IP address, the bandwidth configurations of the instance cannot be downgraded.


The configurations of an instance can be downgraded only if the instance meets the following conditions:

  • The billing method is Subscription.
  • The instance works properly. That is, the instance cannot be in an abnormal state, such as overdue, outdated, locked, or to be released.
  • The instance cannot have any ongoing configuration downgrade renewal process.


  1. Find the target instance and click Change Configuration in the Actions column.
  2. In the displayed dialog box, select Configuration downgrade and Bandwidth Configuration.
  3. Set the bandwidth and read and confirm that you agree with the ECS Service Terms .

  4. Click Downgrade Now.