After purchasing a certificate, you need to go through the certificate application, verification, and review process. The certificate takes effect after being validated.

Step 1: Fill in the certificate application information

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates console.
  2. Click Apply for Certificate in the lower-right corner of the certificate you purchased and pending for application.
  3. On the Apply for Certificate page, enter the certificate application information on the Enter Application tab page.

    Application information varies with certificate types. For standard SSL certificates, you need to enter personal information. For professional SSL certificates, you need to enter personal information and company details.

    Parameter Description
    Domains to Bind Click the question mark of this parameter to view the tips and enter a correct domain name.
    Note Limitations on bound domain names vary with certificate types. Enter the domain name based on the tips.
    Company Name Enter actual information as required.
    Type of Company Select the type of your company.
    Company Phone Enter contact phone number. The certificate authority will call you on this number to confirm the certificate verification.
    Company/Organization ID Enter actual information as required.
    Location Select the location as appropriate.
    Detailed Address Enter the detailed address of your company.
    Zip Code Enter the zip code.
    Applicant Name Enter your name.
    Applicant's Phone Enter your contact telephone number. The certificate authority will call you on this number to confirm certificate verification.
    Applicant's Email Enter your email address. After the certificate is submitted for review, the certificate authority will send a verification email to your email address. Check your email promptly.
    Applicant ID Number Enter your ID number.
  4. Select CSR Generation.
    • Automatic: Your CSR file is automatically generated by the system. Once your certificate application is completed, you can download your certificate and private key directly on the certificate management page.
      Note We recommend that you select Automatic for CSR Generation. If not, your certificate may fail to be pushed to the specified Alibaba Cloud product.
    • Manual: Your CSR file is manually generated and you need to copy its content to the CSR File dialog box. For more information, see How do I create a CSR file?.
      Note The manually generated CSR file cannot be pushed to the specified Alibaba Cloud product with one click.

      • Your CSR file format must be correct in order ensure secure certificate application.
      • You must store your private key securely when generating a CSR file. One certificate file maps a key file. Your digital certificate becomes useless if the private key is lost. Alibaba Cloud is not responsible for storing your private key. If your private key is lost, you have to re-purchase a digital certificate to replace the original one.
  5. Click Next to go to the Verify Information tab page.

Step 2: Verify the application information and submit it for review

After entering all the required certificate application information, you need to upload the verification file.

  1. Follow the instructions on the Apply for Certificate page. Verification information varies with certificate types.
    • To download the verification template, fill in it, and stamp it, follow the tips on the Verify Information tab page.
    • If uploading an image, make sure that the image is in PNG or JPEG format and its size does not exceed 500 KB.
    • The certificate has a validity period. You can save the application information for subsequent use.
  2. Click Upload File and upload the qualification documents as required.
  3. Click Submit in the lower-right corner of the page. The system displays this prompt: This application request has been submitted to the certificate authority. Keep your phone on and check for the email from the certificate authority in your mailbox.

Alibaba Cloud verifies your certificate qualification after receiving the review information you submitted. The time required for this process varies according to the individual requirements of each certificate authority. Thus, we recommend that you periodically check your email and phone for notifications.

In the Unissued Certificates area of the SSL Certificates page, you can see the expected issuance time, type, bound domain, and validity period of the certificate you applied for.

Note To modify your application information, you must withdraw the application and modify the information before the certificate is issued. The application cannot be withdrawn after the certificate is issued.


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