On the Alibaba Cloud SSL certificate purchase page, you can select and purchase a certificate.


  1. Go to the Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificate purchase page.
  2. Select the target certificate configuration.

    For information about the certificate brand, type, and other items, see SSL certificate configuration table in this document.

  3. Select the quantity and validity period of certificates.
    Note For all certificate types, the validity period is up to two years.
  4. After making the payment, you can apply for the certificate.

SSL certificate configuration table

There are two types of SSL certificates:

  • OV SSL
  • EV SSL

According to quantity demand of protected domain, SSL certificate is classified into:

  • One domain name: One SSL certificate protects one domain, such as www.abc.com or login.abc.com.
  • Multiple domain names: One SSL certificate protects multiple domain names, such as protect www.abc.com, www.bcd.com and pay.efg.com at the same time.