This document provides an overview of operations on Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates Service and the main modules of its console.

You can manage and perform operations on certificates in the Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates console as follows:

Console layout mode

Alibaba Cloud SSL Certificates console supports two layout modes. You can click either of the layout icons at the top of the console to select the layout mode.mode

All operations in this document are based on the card view.

  • Card view
  • List view

Purchase SSL certificates

On the SSL Certificates page, click Purchase Certificate in the upper-right corner. For more information, see Select and purchase certificates.Purchase Certificate

Multiple types of SSL certificates are available. For more information, see Features.

View SSL certificate status

You can view the status of your certificate on the SSL Certificates page.certificate status

The certificate statuses are as follows:

  • Ordered: The certificate has been paid for and can be used upon application and review.
    • Paid
    • Pending Verification
    • Revoked
  • Issued: The certificate has been issued upon payment, application, and review. You can deploy the certificate to the target Alibaba Cloud product or download or delete it.

    Expired: The certificate has expired and you must purchase and apply for a new one to ensure website security.

Manage certificates

You can manage certificates and deploy them to Alibaba Cloud products on the SSL Certificates page. You can view certificate status and validity, upload other certificates to the SSL certificate console, and delete/revoke SSL certificates.

  • Upload certificates to the console for unified management: You can upload other types of certificates to the console for deployment to Alibaba Cloud products or unified management.证书上传
  • Apply for certificates and withdraw certificate applications: You can apply for a purchased certificate or withdraw certificate applications.
    Note Applications cannot be withdrawn after the certificate is issued.
  • Deploy to cloud products: You can deploy issued certificates to Alibaba Cloud products.部署
    Note Now, your certificates can be deployed to CDN and SLB.
  • Download certificates: You can download issued certificates and install them in your web server.下载
  • Delete/revoke certificates: You can delete or revoke certificates that have been issued and are no longer in use.删除吊销
    • Deleted certificates cannot be restored, so proceed with caution.
    • We refund full payment to you if you revoke a certificate within 30 days after it is issued. However, any revocation after 30 days is non-refundable.