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VOD centers and access domains

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019


ApsaraVideo for VOD provides nearby access in multiple regions around the world. Each access address maps a storage region and can be used to access this storage region only.

  • Access region ID corresponds to the RegionId parameter in the API or SDK. Storage region ID corresponds to the region ID in StorageLocation.

  • You can specify the storage address in the StorageLocation parameter to upload files to the required storage region. You can view storage addresses on the Storage page of the ApsaraVideo for VOD console. For more information, see Storage management.

Access addresses and storage regions

API access region Access region ID Access address (domain name) Storage region Storage region ID
China (Shanghai) cn-shanghai China (Shanghai) cn-shanghai
China (Beijing) cn-beijing
Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1 Germany (Frankfurt) eu-central-1
Singapore ap-southeast-1 Singapore ap-southeast-1
Indonesia(Jakarta) ap-southeast-5 Indonesia(Jakarta) ap-southeast-5
India(Mumbai) ap-south-1 India(Mumbai) ap-south-1
Japan(Tokyo) ap-northeast-1 Japan(Tokyo) ap-northeast-1