You can call this operation to query the detailed information of a specified ApsaraDB for POLARDB cluster.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer. OpenAPI Explorer dynamically generates the sample code of the operation for different SDKs.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
DBClusterId String Yes pc-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the cluster.

AccessKeyId String No key-test

The AccessKey ID provided to you by Alibaba Cloud.

Action String No DescribeDBClusterAttribute

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DescribeDBClusterAttribute.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
CreationTime String 2019-04-26T06:01:28Z

The time when the host was created.

DBClusterDescription String test

The description of the cluster.

DBClusterId String pc-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the cluster.

DBClusterNetworkType String VPC

The network type of the cluster.

DBClusterStatus String Running

The status of the cluster:

  • Creating
  • Running
  • Deleting
  • Rebooting
  • DBNodeCreating: Creating the node.
  • DBNodeDeleting: Deleting the node.
  • ClassChanging: Changing node specifications.
  • NetAddressCreating: Creating the network connection.
  • NetAddressDeleting: Deleting the network connection.
  • NetAddressModifying: Changing the network connection.
DBNodes Array

The list of nodes in the cluster.

CreationTime String 2019-04-26T22:01:28Z

The time when the node was created.

DBNodeClass String polar.mysql.x2.medium

The specifications of the node.

DBNodeId String pi-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the node.

DBNodeRole String Writer

The role of the node. Valid values:

  • Writer
  • Reader
DBNodeStatus String Running

The status of the node.

FailoverPriority Integer 1

The priority for the node to fail over.

MaxConnections Integer 1200

The maximum number of concurrent connections supported by the node.

MaxIOPS Integer 8000

The maximum number of I/O operations per second (IOPS).

ZoneId String cn-qingdao-c

The ID of the zone.

DBType String MySQL

The engine of the database.

DBVersion String 5.6

The version of the database engine.

DeletionLock Integer 0

The lock mode of the cluster deletion. Valid values:

  • 0: unlocked.
  • 1: Locked. You cannot delete the cluster.
Engine String POLARDB

The engine of the cluster.

ExpireTime String 2019-09-14T16:00:00Z

The time when the cluster expires.

Note Pay-as-you-go clusters do not expire.
Expired String false

Indicates whether the certificate expired.

IsLatestVersion Boolean false

Indicates whether the kernel version is the latest.

LockMode String Unlock

The lock mode of the cluster. Valid values:

  • Unlock: unlocked.
  • ManualLock: The instance is locked manually.
  • LockByExpiration: The instance is locked automatically after the instance expires.
MaintainTime String 18:00Z-19:00Z

The maintenance window of the cluster. It is in the HH:mmZ-HH:mmZ format.

For example, 16:00Z-17:00Z indicates that the cluster can be maintained from 0 o'clock to 1 o'clock (UTC+08:00).

PayType String Postpaid

The billing method of the cluster. Valid values:

  • Postpaid: pay-as-you-go
  • Prepaid: subscription
RegionId String cn-hangzhou

The ID of the region where your cluster resides.

RequestId String 4E148395-950A-46F8-BFF8-274A64CD793B

The ID of the request.

SQLSize Long 0

The total space occupied by SQL data. Unit: bytes. -1 indicates no space is used.

StorageMax Long 5497558138880

The maximum storage capacity supported by the current specifications of the cluster. Unit: bytes.

StorageUsed Long 3133145088

The storage usage of the cluster. Unit: bytes.

Tags Array

The set of tags.

Key String test1

The key of the tag.

Value String 1111

The value of the tag.

VPCId String vpc-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The VPC ID of the cluster.

VSwitchId String vsw-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The VSwitch ID of the cluster.

ZoneIds String cn-hangzhou-i,cn-hangzhou-g



Sample requests

http(s)://[Endpoint]/? Action=DescribeDBClusterAttribute
&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

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JSON format


Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.