The following tables list API operations available for use in Data Management (DMS).

User management

API Description
RegisterUser Adds a user for your enterprise.
DisableUser Disables a user that is temporarily not used.
EnableUser Enables a user that has been disabled.
DeleteUser Deletes a user that is no longer needed.
UpdateUser Updates information of a user.
ListUsers Queries details of users.
ListUserTenants You can call this operation to query the list of tenants.
GetUserActiveTenant You can call this operation to query details of the active tenant.
GetUser Queries details of a user.

Instance management

API Description
RegisterInstance Adds a database instance for your enterprise.
UpdateInstance Updates information of a database instance and checks the connectivity of the instance.
GetInstance Queries details of a database instance.
DeleteInstance Deletes a database instance from DMS Enterprise.
ListInstances Queries database instances and details of individual database instances.

Operations log management

API Description
GetOpLog Queries details of operations logs generated within a specified period.

Approval process management

API Description
ListWorkFlowNodes Queries details of approval nodes.
ListWorkFlowTemplates Queries details of approval templates.

Database and table metadata management

API Description
GetDatabase Queries details of a database.
GetPhysicalDatabase Call the GetPhysicalDatabase to obtain the details of the physical library.
ListColumns Queries details of columns in a table.
ListIndexes Queries details of indexes of a table.
GetLogicDatabase Queries details of a logical database.
ListDatabases Queries details of databases in an instance.
ListLogicDatabases Queries details of logical databases.
ListLogicTables Queries details of logical tables in a logical database.
SearchDatabase Queries details of databases.
SearchTable Queries details of tables.
ListTables Queries details of tables in a database.
GetMetaTableDetailInfo You can call this operation to query information such as columns and indexes of a table.
GetTableDBTopology You can call this operation to query the topology of a data table.
GetTableTopology The call GetTableTopology obtains the topology information of the data table.
GetDBTopology Call GetDBTopology to obtain the topology information of the logical library and its corresponding physical sub-library.
GetMetaTableColumn Call the GetMetaTableColumn interface to obtain the field information of the table.
SyncDatabaseMeta Synchronizes metadata of a database.
SyncInstanceMeta Synchronizes the metadata of all databases in an instance.

General ticket operations

Requirement API Description
General ApproveOrder Approves a ticket.
CloseOrder Closes a ticket.
GetApprovalDetail Queries the approval details of a ticket.
GetOrderBaseInfo Queries basic information of a ticket.
ListOrders Queries details of tickets.
CreateOrder Creates a ticket.
SubmitOrderApproval Submits a ticket for approval.
Permission application GetOwnerApplyOrderDetail Call the GetOwnerApplyOrderDetail to obtain the ticket details of the application library-Owner, table-Owner, and instance-Owner.
GetPermApplyOrderDetail Call the GetPermApplyOrderDetail to obtain the ticket details of the permission application.
Table synchronization between databases CreateStructSyncOrder Call the CreateStructSyncOrder to create a structure synchronization ticket.
GetStructSyncOrderDetail Call the GetStructSyncOrderDetail to obtain the ticket details of structure synchronization.
GetStructSyncJobDetail Queries the details of a schema synchronization task.
GetStructSyncJobAnalyzeResult The call GetStructSyncJobAnalyzeResult obtains the task analysis result of structure synchronization.
GetStructSyncExecSqlDetail Call the GetStructSyncExecSqlDetail to obtain the execution SQL script synchronized by the structure.
SubmitStructSyncOrderApproval Call the SubmitStructSyncOrderApproval to submit a structural synchronization work order to the approval process.
ExecuteStructSync Call the ExecuteStructSync to execute the structure synchronization work order.
Data change CreateDataCorrectOrder Creates a ticket for changing data.
CreateDataCronClearOrder Creates a ticket for deleting historical data.
CreateDataImportOrder Creates a ticket for importing data to Data Management (DMS).
CreateFreeLockCorrectOrder Creates a ticket for changing data without locking tables.
ExecuteDataCorrect Executes a ticket to change data.
GetDataCorrectTaskDetail Call the GetDataCorrectTaskDetail to obtain the execution details of normal data change, lock-free change and data import work order tasks.
GetDataCronClearTaskDetailList Call the GetDataCronClearTaskDetailList to obtain the execution list of historical data cleansing tasks.
GetDataCorrectOrderDetail Queries details of a data change ticket.
GetDataCorrectBackupFiles Queries the download URL of backup files for a data change.
GetDataCorrectSQLFile Call the GetDataCorrectSQLFile to obtain the SQL script attachment of the data change ticket.
Schema design CreatePublishGroupTask Executes a ticket to make a schema design change.
ListDDLPublishRecords Call the ListDDLPublishRecords to obtain the release details of the structural design work order.
Data export GetDataExportDownloadURL Queries the download URL of export results for a data export ticket.
ExecuteDataExport Executes a ticket to export data.
GetDataExportOrderDetail Queries details of a data export ticket.
SQL review CreateSQLReviewOrder Call the CreateSQLReviewOrder to create an SQL audit ticket.
GetSQLReviewCheckResultStatus Call the GetSQLReviewCheckResultStatus to obtain the audit results of SQL audit tickets.
ListSQLReviewOriginSQL Call the ListSQLReviewOriginSQL to obtain the SQL details of the SQL audit ticket.
Attachment upload CreateUploadFileJob Call the CreateUploadFileJob interface to create an upload attachment task.
CreateUploadOSSFileJob Call the CreateUploadOSSFileJob interface to create an upload task for OSS attachments.
GetUserUploadFileJob Call the GetUserUploadFileJob to obtain the task information of uploading attachments.

SQL tasks

API Description
ListDBTaskSQLJob Call the ListDBTaskSQLJob to obtain the list of SQL tasks.
ListDBTaskSQLJobDetail Call the ListDBTaskSQLJobDetail to obtain the details of the SQL task.

Permission management

API Description
SetOwners Configures the owners of a database or a table.
RevokeUserPermission Revokes the permissions on a specified resource from a user.
ListUserPermissions Queries the permissions of a user on databases and tables.
ListDatabaseUserPermssions Queries the permissions of users on a database.
GrantUserPermission Grants permissions on a database or table to a user.

Security management

API Description
ListSensitiveColumns Queries the list of sensitive columns.
ListSensitiveColumnsDetail Queries details of a sensitive column.

Query infrequent-access statistics

API Description
ExecuteScript Executes SQL statements.