The following tables list API operations available for use in Data Management (DMS).

User management

API Description
RegisterUser Adds a user for your enterprise.
DisableUser Disables a user that is temporarily not used.
EnableUser Enables a user that has been disabled.
DeleteUser Deletes a user that is no longer needed.
UpdateUser Updates information of a user.
ListUsers Queries details of users.
ListUserTenants Queries the list of tenants.
GetUserActiveTenant Queries details of the active tenant.
GetUser Queries details of a user.

Instance management

API Description
RegisterInstance Adds a database instance for your enterprise.
UpdateInstance Updates information of a database instance and checks the connectivity of the instance.
GetInstance Queries details of a database instance.
DeleteInstance Deletes a database instance from DMS Enterprise.
ListInstances Queries database instances and details of individual database instances.

Operations log management

API Description
GetOpLog Queries details of operations logs generated within a specified period.

Approval process management

API Description
ListWorkFlowNodes Queries details of approval nodes.
ListWorkFlowTemplates Queries details of approval templates.

Database and table metadata management

API Description
GetDatabase Queries details of a database.
ListColumns Queries details of columns in a table.
ListIndexes Queries details of indexes of a table.
GetLogicDatabase Queries details of a logical database.
ListDatabases Queries details of databases in an instance.
ListLogicDatabases Queries details of logical databases.
ListLogicTables Queries details of logical tables in a logical database.
SearchDatabase Queries details of databases.
SearchTable Queries details of tables.
ListTables Queries details of tables in a database.
GetMetaTableDetailInfo Queries information such as columns and indexes of a table.
GetTableDBTopology Queries the topology of a data table.
SyncDatabaseMeta Synchronizes metadata of a database.
SyncInstanceMeta Synchronizes the metadata of all databases in an instance.

Ticket management: general operations

API Description
ApproveOrder Approves a ticket.
CloseOrder Closes a ticket.
GetApprovalDetail Queries the approval details of a ticket.
GetOrderBaseInfo Queries basic information of a ticket.
ListOrders Queries details of tickets.
SubmitOrderApproval Submits a ticket for approval.
CreateOrder Creates a ticket.

Ticket management: data change

API Description
ExecuteDataCorrect Executes a ticket to change data.
GetDataCorrectBackupFiles Queries the download URL of backup files for a data change.
GetDataCorrectOrderDetail Queries details of a data change ticket.

Ticket management: schema design

API Description
CreatePublishGroupTask Executes a ticket to make a schema design change.

Ticket management: data export

API Description
GetDataExportDownloadURL Queries the download URL of export results for a data export ticket.
GetDataExportOrderDetail Queries details of a data export ticket.
ExecuteDataExport Executes a ticket to export data.

Permission management

API Description
SetOwners Configures the owners of a database or a table.
RevokeUserPermission Revokes the permissions on a specified resource from a user.
ListUserPermissions Queries the permissions of a user on databases and tables.
ListDatabaseUserPermssions Queries the permissions of users on a database.
GrantUserPermission Grants permissions on a database or table to a user.

Security management

API Description
ListSensitiveColumns Queries the list of sensitive columns.
ListSensitiveColumnsDetail Queries details of a sensitive column.

Data query

API Description
ExecuteScript Executes SQL statements.