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Use LATEST version

Last Updated: May 30, 2019

Click “echo_version_info” to browse the function in LATEST version, select “Code” and click “Invoke”, when execution complete, check Result and Logs at the bottom:invokeinvokelogFrom the log printed during runtime, the qualifier is LATEST. Please refer Using version in Context to know more details.

Using LATEST version through APIs

The following two InvokeFunction examples illustrate how to use the LATEST version:

Invoke without version

This is the InvokeFunction request when version management is not in use. LATEST is default version if not version is provided, and the function of the LATEST version is invoked.

  1. POST /services/{serviceName}/functions/{functionName}/invocations

Invoke with LATEST version

You can also add “.LATEST” serviceName suffix to invoke function of the LATEST version.

  1. POST /services/{serviceName}.LATEST/functions/{functionName}/invocations

Following APIs support “.LATEST” suffix:

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