This topic describes how to download the log backup files of an RDS PPAS instance. The downloaded log backup files are not encrypted.


A RAM user who has only the read-only permissions cannot download backup files. You can add the required permissions to a RAM user in the RAM console. For more information, see Grant backup file download permissions to a RAM user with only read-only permissions.

DB engine Data backup download Log backup download
PPAS Not supported. Supported by all versions.

An RDS PPAS instance does not support the download of data backup files. You can restore the data of an RDS PPAS instance or migrate data from RDS PPAS to an on-premises database.


  1. Go to the Backup and Restoration page.
    1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for RDS console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Instances. In the top navigation bar, select the region where your RDS instance resides.
    2. Find the target RDS instance and click the instance ID. In the left-side navigation pane, click Backup and Restoration.
  2. On the Archive List tab, select a time range and click Search. In the log backup file list, find the target log backup file and in the Actions colum click Download.
    Note If the log backup file is used to restore the RDS instance to an on-premises database, note the following:
    • The Instance No. of the log backup file must the same as that of the corresponding data backup file.
    • The start time and end time of the log backup file must be later than the selected backup time point and earlier than the time point from which you want to restore data.
  3. In the Download Instance Backup Set or Download Binary Log dialog box, click Download.
    Download method Description
    Download Use a browser to download the backup file.
    Copy Internal URL Copy the internal URL from which you can download the backup file. If your ECS and RDS instances reside in the same region, you can log on to the ECS instance and then use the internal URL to download the backup file. This method is faster and more secure than the other download methods.
    Copy Public URL Copy the public URL to download the backup file. If you want to use other tools to download the backup file, select this download method.
    Note In a Linux operating system, you can run the following command to download a log backup file:
    wget -c '<Download URL of the log backup file>' -O <User-defined file name>.tar.gz
    • The -c parameter is used to enable resumable download.
    • The -O parameter is used to save the downloaded result as a file with the specified name (the file extension is .tar.gz or .xb.gz as included in the URL).
    • If you enter more than one download URL, then you must include each download URL in a pair of single quotation marks (''). Otherwise, the download fails.