After receiving the Smart Access Gateway (SAG) device, you need to configure its WAN and LAN ports and add related routing configurations to the switch.

Configure the SAG device

To configure the SAG device, follow these steps:
  1. After receiving the SAG device, follow SAG-100WM overview to check if all accessories are provided and then power on the device.
  2. Connect the WAN port of the SAG device to the network cable and connect a LAN port to a client used for web configuration.
  3. Open your browser and enter the web configuration address of the SAG device.

    The default address is https: // For more information, see Log on to the web configuration page.

  4. Click WAN Port Management to configure the method for connecting to the Internet.

    In this tutorial, the WAN port uses a dynamic IP address allocated from the Internet router through DHCP to access the Internet. For more information, see Configure the WAN port:

  5. Click LAN Port Management. In this tutorial, disable the wireless function. The configurations are as follows:
    • Connection Type: Select Static IP.
    • LAN Address: In this tutorial, enter
    • Configure Routes: Click Configure Routes and add two static routes. The destination CIDR block of each route is the CIDR block of the corresponding client and the next hop of each route is the IP address of the port on the peer switch connected to the SAG device.

Configure the switches

Add two routes on each switch and one of them is the default route. The next hop of the default route is the static IP address of the LAN port of the SAG device and the next hop of the other route is the IP address of the port on the peer switch.

Route configuration of switch 1:

ip route
ip route
Route configuration of switch 2:

ip route
ip route