This topic describes how to back up and restore data. When you back up your data, your resources are also backed up at the same time. For more information about resources, see Resource.

  • Only workspace administrators can export backups and restore data from backups on the Config Center page. For more information about how to open the Config Center page, see Overview of configuration management.
  • Workflows of earlier versions cannot be backed up. We recommend that you use the latest version for data analytics.

You can create both full backups and incremental backups for a workspace. You can select Alibaba Cloud Version 2, Apsara Stack Version 3.6.1 or Later, or Apsara Stack Version 3.6 or Earlier as the version of each backup.

  • You can download backup files in XML format.
  • You can restore a workspace from backup files. However, errors may occur during restoration. We recommend that you use full backups whenever possible.