If you are experiencing problems when using cloud resources in the ECS console, you can one-click submit information about your problem through the self-diagnostic system to quickly obtain diagnostic results.


The self-diagnostic system has the following features:

  • One-click submission with near instantaneous feedback.
  • Intelligent processing that returns the diagnostic results in seconds.
  • Extended support. For problems that cannot be handled by intelligent processing, they are immediately forwarded to customer service personnel, improving overall problem handling efficiency.


  • For each account, the upper limit of Pending diagnostic records is 20 per region. If that limit is exceeded, you cannot submit diagnostic requests in the current region until the number of Pending records is less than 20.

  • You can view the diagnostic records for the last 30 days on the diagnostic details page.

Step 1: Submit an Auto Diagnose request.

  1. Find the target Subscription instance. In the Actions column, click Change Configuration.

  2. Select Upgrade, and then click Continue.
  3. Choose the desired instance type, confirm you have read and agree to the ECS Service Terms , and then click Create Order.
  4. Upgrade the configuration of the same instance again within two minutes.

    One instance cannot be upgraded twice within two minutes, so an Error message dialog box appears in this case.

  5. Click Auto Diagnose.

Step 2: View the solution.

  1. After you submit the diagnostic request, click Diagnostic Details.

  2. On the Diagnosis page, you can view the details. The Status column shows Completed.

  3. Click Resolution to view the error cause and the recommended solution.

Step 3: Submit feedback on the solution.

  1. (Optional) Enter comments and suggestions about the solution in the text box.
  2. If you think the solution is helpful, click Helpful. If you do not think the solution is helpful, click Useless.