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Demo compilation

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2019

Environment requirements

Name Requirement
Xcode Xcode 9.0 or later
Simulator N/A (Currently, you can compile ApsaraVideo projects only on physical devices.)
CPU architecture support ARM64, ARMv7, and ARMv7s
Operating system iOS 9.0 or later

Demo download

Click SDK download. On the download page, download the source code package of SmartVideo for iOS to a local directory.SDK download

Open a project

Double-click the AliyunVideoClient_Entrance.xcworkspace file to open the project.Project directory

Directory structure


Name Description
AlivcShortVideo The code of SmartVideo.
AlivcAbstraction The business abstractions of the project.
AlivcFramework The official Alibaba Cloud SDKs that the short video SDK is dependent on.
Assets.xcassets The public images.
AppSupportFiles The files that are automatically created during project initialization.
Categories The categories, including the categories of all classes.
Config The configuration, including the macro definition, global configuration, global constant, and color configuration files.
Home The code of the project homepage.
Frameworks The system frameworks, including imported system frameworks.
Helpers The helper classes, which package and implement operation classes such as the network, database, archiving, positioning, and string operation classes.
Resources The global resources, including .plist, .image, .html, .bundle, and Localizable.strings files.
Utilites The utility classes, including some classes that can be called by class methods instead of object methods, and some functional abstract classes.
Vendors The third-party libraries. Some libraries need to be modified or do not support third-party frameworks imported by CocoaPods.
Pods The third-party libraries managed by CocoaPods.

Project compilation

1. Set up a debugging environment for physical devices.

If you do not store the specified profile on your computer, Xcode reports an error.Screenshot 2018-10-19 20.59.23.png

You can add the profile or log on to a developer account to set up an environment for physical devices.To log on to a developer account, you need to create an apple ID.

2. Run the project.

Ensure that the runtime environment is on a physical device. Then, press command+R on the keyboard or click the triangle icon in the upper-left corner of Xcode to run the project.

Common errors

If you encounter an error, as shown in the following figure, troubleshoot it as follows:Sample image

Clear the profile specified by Debug, as shown in the following figure.Clear the profile


  • Currently, the short video solution contains five functional modules: video recording, import for cropping, import for editing, video production and upload, and video playback. If you want to use the existing code and UI for all functional modules, you can directly copy the entire AliyunVideoClient_Entrance folder into your project. If you only want to integrate some functional modules, note that these modules may share some files. Do not copy the same files into your project.
  • After the source code package is decompressed, you can find an AlivcQuVideoServerManager.m file in the AliyunVideoClient_Entrance/AlivcShortVideo/AlivcShortVideoFile/VideoSolution/Model directory. You need to set the static variable kAlivcQuUrlString in the file to the public IP address of your ECS instance.