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Last Updated: Aug 01, 2019


This topic lists some problems that you may encounter after integrating the Android short video solution. It also provides solutions to help you solve these problems.

Compilation FAQ

When you compile and run the demo, the demo may fail to work due to some problems related to the Android SDK version, Android Studio version, or Gradle version. You can use the following solutions to solve these problems. If an error persists, contact the technical support staff.

1. What can I do if I cannot find an appropriate Android SDK version?


No appropriate Android SDK version is found.


Use the SDK Manager of Android Studio to download an appropriate Android SDK version. The following table lists the Android SDK environment requirements of the demo.

Name Version
compileSdkVersion 26
buildToolsVersion 26.0.2

2. What can I do if I cannot find an appropriate Gradle version or fail to download a Gradle distribution package?


No appropriate Gradle version is found or a Gradle distribution package cannot be downloaded.


Change the Gradle version and configure local Gradle settings. The following figure shows the Gradle version of the demo. Gradle version

Configure local Gradle settings

  1. Download and decompress a Gradle distribution package.

    You can download an appropriate Gradle version from Gradle download.

  2. Select the local Gradle directory.

    1. Open Android Studio and click Preferences.

    2. Enter gradle in the search box.

    3. In the Preferences dialog box, select Use local gradle distribution and select the local Gradle directory. Select the local Gradle directory

    4. Click Apply to apply the configuration, as shown in the following figure. Click Apply

3. What can I do if Gradle is in an earlier version?


The current Gradle version is earlier than required.

Minimum supported Gradle version is 4.1. Current version is 4.0.1.


Change the Gradle plug-in to a version that matches the current Gradle version. The following table lists the version mapping between Gradle and the Android Gradle plug-in, which is sourced from the Google official manual.

Version mapping

Change the Gradle plug-in version in the red box in the config.gradle file. Change the Gradle plug-in version

Integration FAQ

What can I do if the system reports a "Compilation failed to complete" error?


The Compilation failed to complete error occurred during compilation. The following figure shows the error message. Error message


In the config.gradle file, change the version of externalAndroidAppCompatV7 to a dependent version of your project. The sample code is as follows:

externalAndroidAppCompatV7 = ''
    externalAndroidAppCompatV7 = ''