Function Studio is a web project coding and development tool independently developed by the Alibaba Group for function development scenarios. It is an important component of DataWorks.

Based on an innovative underlying architecture, Function Studio occupies few resources, supports high concurrency, and is convenient, flexible, and efficient.

Function Studio provides functions such as syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, intelligent error correction, and syntax error hinting. It also supports online development and debugging, collaborative coding, and publishing of UDF resources and functions to DataWorks with one click.


  • Function Studio allows you to edit MaxCompute Java user-defined functions (UDFs) and to compile and publish them to DataWorks with one click.
  • Function Studio allows you to manage the files and folders of projects.
  • Function Studio provides a context-based intelligent editor that allows you to intelligently edit multiple Java files concurrently. Function Studio also supports searching for definitions and references, code hinting and completion, highlighting of keywords in the syntax, and real-time syntax error hinting.
  • Function Studio supports UDF, user defined aggregate function (UDAF), and user-defined table-generating function (UDTF) templates, and automatically publishes resources and functions to the workflows in DataWorks, greatly improving the UDF development efficiency.
  • Function Studio allows you to perform common Git operations such as commit and push in the DataWorks development environment, supporting version control of code files.
  • Function Studio allows you to redirect DataStudio to Function Studio with one click to view the source codes of UDFs, facilitating the online maintenance and management of UDFs.

Future versions

Function Studio will support more languages, such as Python, and more platform-based function development scenarios, such as real-time computing.